Miami Dolphins have only 1 guaranteed DT who will make the roster

Which DTs will end up making the 53-man roster?
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The days of Zach Sieler and Christian Wilking hugging, dancing, and everything else as Miami Dolphins standouts are over. The Dolphins let Wilkins sign a huge contract with the Raiders, but it took eight free-agent additions to hopefully replace him.

Not all of those players signed will make the final 53. In addition to Wilkins , the Dolphins also let Raekwon Davis leave in free agency. Davis signed with the Indianapolis Colts. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are banking on numbers rather than talent.

That is not to say the Dolphins don't have talent along the defensive line; it is a matter of not having a lot of overall experience to go with it. Miami did not address the position in the NFL Draft, either. The current roster looks like this.

  • Neville Gallimore - free agent - four years experience - 14 starts
  • Da'Shawn Hand - six years experience - 11 starts - spent last year with the Dolphins
  • Jonathan Harris - free agent - four years experience - nine starts
  • Benito Jones - free agent - three years experience - 15 starts (all in 2023)
  • Mario Kendricks - undrafted free Agent
  • Isaiah Mack - free agent - four years experience, missed 2023, one career start
  • Daviyon Nixon - free agent - two years experience - no starts
  • Leonard Payne - undrafted free agent
  • Brandon Pili - returning (practice squad)
  • Teair Tart - free agent - four years experience - 36 starts

Which Miami defensive tackles will make the 53-man roster?

This is an up-for-grabs type of position this year for the Dolphins, who will use a platoon along the defensive line, and Sieler will be the primary starter. Anthony Weaver is going to have a lot of tough decisions to make for a group that will, at most, keep five. So, who is in and who is out?

Jones has a good chance of making the roster. He has been with the Dolphins before and last year's experience as a full time starter should pave the way for him to stick on the 53 and perhaps be the main starter next to Sieler. I would tend to believe that Jones is pretty close to being a sure bet for the final 53.

The Dolphins reportedly like what Tart brings as well. His four years of experience and 36 starts will buy him some leverage. From there, it is a matter of who steps up. The rest of the roster is pretty close in terms of experience, especially as starters, and no one stands above the others, which will lead to an intense and competitive training camp.

Since we are predicting the 53 at this position, it only makes sense to actually predict who will make the roster. With Sieler, Jones, and Tart all penciled in, the remaining two slots should go to Pili and Gallimore. Payne and Kendricks should both land on the practice squad.