Miami Dolphins need to lock up Jaylen Waddle now!

Due to Calvin Ridlet getting a ridiculious contract, the Dolphins need to get Jaylen Waddle signed sooner than later.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

I have no idea how the Miami Dolphins, in their current state of financial flexibility, would be able to address it but it would be best for business if they could go ahead and sign Jaylen Waddle to a long-term deal before the price tag becomes erroneous.

Why am I demanding the Miami Dolphins to potentially take one eye off filling their roster with free agents and attend to Jaylen Waddle? It's a valid question. The reason is due to what Calvin Ridley just got signed for by the Tennessee Titans.

For the record, Calvin Ridley is no Jaylen Waddle. Not here, not in America, not in Belgium, not anywhere. Jaylen Waddle clears Ridley who is coming off a statistically comparable season to Waddle. I know that last year's numbers are close.

I think we have brains and more importantly eyes. Because of those eyes, we know full well that Jaylen Waddle played second fiddle to Tyreek Hill like nobody ever played second fiddle before. There were way too many times when Waddle barely got the ball thrown his way.

In the one game where Tyreek Hill didn't play, Waddle went for a casual 143 yards and this TD.

Everybody knew the ball was going to Jaylen Waddle. I knew it, the Jets knew it and DJ Reed knew it. It didn't matter. Waddle had his way with him and the Jets that day.

The point is, the contract that Ridley got is nothing compared to what Jaylen Waddle is going to command when the Dolphins get around to focusing on him.

It would be wise if Chris Grier went out and got it done now but it simply doesn't seem feasible right now. With all the holes left to fill and Tua Tagovailoa's contract looming, getting Waddle signed to a long-term deal will not be in the cards.

My guess would be next year around this time is when the Dolphins will address Jaylen Waddle. It be great if it happened before the season started or even in the middle of it. Whatever it takes to keep him in South Beach even though the number will be high.

I don't care. We just saw all the players they drafted walk out the door for nothing. An exodus like that can't happen again. Jaylen Waddle needs to be a Miami Dolphin for most of his career, hopefully, all of it.

The guy truly gives everything he can every week with mant of those weeks ending up with him gets destroyed, limping off the field only to returrn to that same game.

Grier has said that Jaylen Waddle isn't going anywhere. Due to recent developments, I'm not going take that at face value. I want proof. I want Jaylen Waddle here 4-life.

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