Miami Dolphins remain outside of the top 5 in latest Power Ranking has released a new power ranking ahead of this weekend's game. Where are the Miami Dolphins after their victory over the Raiders?

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Heading into week 12, a new NFL Power Ranking was released ahead of the Thursday slate of games.

Let's begin with the bottom of this Top 10 Ranking. In the last position, we find the Houston Texans, a team that has surprised a lot of NFL fans this year. At number nine, we have the Cleveland Browns after beating the Steelers last weekend.

In eighth position, we find the Jacksonville Jaguars with a record of 7-3. The Jaguars had a rough start this season, but since that slow start, they have found their style and started a winning streak that puts them in the top 10. 

The Dallas Cowboys, come in at number 7 and this is where we find the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins are the next in this rank, and after beating the Raiders, they stay in the sixth position. Last Sunday's victory came at the hand of the defense because the offensive line didn't perform as well as they used to. With a spectacular game from Jalen Ramsey, the Dolphins finally beat a .500 team this season. 

In fifth place, we find the Kansas City Chiefs with a record of 7-3. It is a surprise that the Chiefs are in this situation because they have rarely been ranked outside of the top 3 since Patrick Mahomes took over at QB.

The last team before we get into the Top 3 is the San Fransisco 49ers, with a record of 7-3. The 49ers are another team that every fan thought would be higher because of the incredible starting season they had.

Top 3

3- Detroit Lions

The Lions, with a record of 8-2, are the biggest surprise. After beating the LA Chargers by three points, they escalated into the top 3.

2- Baltimore Ravens

With a record of 8-3, the Baltimore Ravens are making a strong case for a Super Bowl contender.

1- Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, the Eagles are in the first place of this rank. With a record of 9-1, Philadelphia is arguably one of the strongest teams this season. With an unbelievable win against the Chiefs, there is no doubt they deserve to be in first position.