4 trades Dolphins can make to put them over the top

Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins, Mike McDaniel / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Just a week after exploding for a 70-20 victory, the Miami Dolphins fell back to earth and were dominated by the Buffalo Bills, 48-20.

Mike McDaniel has plenty of worries after just one game, and most happen to fall on the defensive side.

If the Dolphins want to get over the hump and continue toward a Super Bowl run, they should definitely consider being buyers at the trade deadline. These four moves could give them the needed help.

Trade Number 1: The Dolphins shore up linebacker issues with Josey Jewell

One of the first positions the Dolphins could look at addressing is at linebacker, where they have had a couple of guys fail to show up consistently. Both David Long Jr. and Jerome Baker have not been up to snuff through four weeks.

Long has struggled big time when it comes to finishing plays. He has a missed tackle percentage of 14.3 on the year and has not done enough to wrap up, plain and simple. Long has also not done well when asked to drop back into coverage.

Jewell trade

Baker has been equally as bad and hasn't really done anything exceptionally well, posting a missed tackle percentage of 16.0 on the year. He hasn't excelled in either run defense or against the pass.

Miami could look at trading for Broncos linebacker Josey Jewell, who is a free agent after this year but remains a constant on that Denver defense. It probably wouldn't take much, so long as the Broncos continue down this path and remain out of any contention. A sixth-round pick should get it done.