Miami Dolphins week 6 Head-to-Head: Tyreek vs Thielen

The show this weekend in Miami should be a good one at least in terms of two receivers from opposing teams going at it!
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins is facing the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the Hard Rock Stadium. The Dolphins will try and maintain their good performance and end the game with a victory, but on the other hand, the Panthers will try and revert to their situation in the actual season, where they have zero wins and five losses. Up to this moment, the Panthers are in fourth place in the NFC South, while the Dolphins are in first place in the AFC East. 

But the internal wars between the players are what will decide who will get the victory. There is one that will have all the eyes on them; this will be the battle of the two best WRs in each team, Tyreek Hill and Adam Thielen. 

In the many years, both players are in the NFL, they only face themselves two times; the score is tied, with one win for Thielen and one for Tyreek. Sunday's game will decide who will lead this Head-to-Head.

As people expected, Tyreek Hill is the one who dominates in these stats during the actual season, but that doesn't mean that Thielen's performance is that bad. In the season, Tyreek is in first place as the player with the most receiving yards with 651 yards, while Thielens is in eleventh place with only 394 yards. 

On the other hand, the Wide Receiver for the Panthers has more receptions than the "Cheetah" with 38 receptions, while Hill has 36. But in the crucial stat, Hill is leading the battle, with five touchdowns, two more than Adam. 

What about during their entire careers?

With two more years in the NFL, the former Minnesota Vikings has 27 more games than Tyreek. There is a stat in which the starting wide receiver for the Panther has in favor, and that is the average rushing yards, which is 8.1, while the one of the former Chiefs WR is 7.6.

Who will take the W on Sunday? Tyreek or Thielen?