Micah Parsons believes that he can be Tyreek Hill's QB and it is hilarious

Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
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Tua Tagovailao is the Miami Dolphins quarterback but Cowboys LB Micah Parsons thinks he could easily be Tyreek Hill's QB.

I need more of Micah Parsons saying that he can do what Tua Tagovailoa does and that even he can be Tyreek Hill's quarterback.

In case you lost count of your current NFL podcasts, Micah Parsons came out yesterday and said that he could be Tyreek Hill's quarterback due to it apparently being so easy.

I honestly don't even feel at all mad about this. I realize the knee-jerk reaction is to say that Micah Parsons is out of his mind that he really doesn't know what he's saying and that saying that a guy who is 4th in MVP odds can be replaced by an outside linebacker. I'm not going to react like that. It's not necessary.

Instead, I'm just going to laugh at Micah Parsons as I do when I watch a video of a guy hitting himself in the head with a golf ball after he swings. I just shake my head and say "What an idiot, that's great."

I understand Micah knows better than me because he plays and I don't but that doesn't mean I can't disagree and think his "take" is beyond ludicrous. There are loads of doofuses in government that I wouldn't trust to vacuum my car due to their mental acuity but I've never been elected to anything. See how that works. We criticize people all the time who have more experience than us.

The hip thing to do right now is to discredit what Tua is doing because I guess he's playing the game smarter not harder. From what I understand, the only way you can be excellent or dare I say "Elite" QB is for the play that is called to instantly not work, scramble out of the pocket to your opposite hand, and drill an 18-yarder to a receiver who has to toe-tap on the sideline. That means you're elite and like Metallica said Nothing Else Matters.

Having fantastic anticipation, which is now a dirty word according to some, means nothing. You have to be a physical specimen to play quarterback and if you're not, you can't play. Not sure how Joe Montana, early Tom Brady, and loads of others made it in this league. I'm guessing they're anomalies.

It's early on Wednesday morning. I can't wait to see some other people in the media have a Frank Grimes moment instead of just saying Tua is pretty good at this quarterback thing. That and I can't wait for the latest drive off the tee smacking a guy in the face.

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