Mike McDaniel goes full cool teacher and cancels last practice of mandatory minicamp

Mike McDaniel has seen enough and has decided that the last day of mandatory minicamp isn't exactly necessary.
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Minicamp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Let me tell you, it must be nice being a professional athlete who plays for the Miami Dolphins. You get to be in Miami, the weather is always lovely, and there's always a chance that your boss, Mike McDaniel, will give you a day off when you're only scheduled to work for three days.

Now, as Adam Beasley said, the final day of minicamp isn't a complete waste. The Dolphins and their coaching staff will have a walkthrough, where I'm sure everyone will be locked in because it's June and this is where they will go over the game plans for the late-in-the-year opponents such as the Bills, Texans, Browns, and 49ers.

The Dolphins have canceled their final minicamp practice

I can already picture a crop of fans saying this is why the Dolphins lost in December and January and that they don't remember Don Shula giving guys days off like this. Let's be real; the Miami Dolphins, if they're going to do what they always do in the cold weather months, will lose all by themselves for a number of reasons. This isn't one of them.

It's not like if Tyreek Hill drops a ball or Tua Tagovailoa throws a pick, or Jalen Ramsey gets beat deep in January anyone will be able to pinpoint not having that mandatory minicamp day back in June as the reason why. Sure, some will say it's because McDaniel is a soft coach who wears his pant legs pushed up. However, rational folks will know that's not the case.

If you're one of the players, you're loving this. You essentially get an off day and then it's about seven weeks of vacation. Plenty of time to relax, keep working on their bodies, and hopefully stay away from any off-the-field issues. Let some other team be the dumb squad that gets in trouble and brings along distractions.

The point of mandatory minicamp from a fan's perspective is to see video of all the guys we enjoy seeing on the team and new additions wear the Dolphins colors while performing some football activities with no forces really stopping them. If a receiver can throw in a sweet catch, that's a bonus, which we surely got, plus more:

See, this is what we want to see. Things become real at the end of July when training camp begins and it's then where we realistically could start poking holes in what the Dolphins are doing. When we see the team go up against other defenses is when we rationally can start saying that there's no way this team gets it done late in the year. It's June and the sun is out. Enjoy it, or get mad about McDaniel deciding that he's seen enough for right now.