3 reasons Dolphins fans shouldn't be worried about a new Tyreek Hill deal

Tyreek Hill is looking for a restructuring of his contract and the Dolphins are well aware of it.
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Mandatory minicamp is almost here and the latest talking point surrounding the Miami Dolphins is when and if Tyreek Hill will be ending his career in South Florida or not. Jaylen Waddle got his big long-term extension, which looks like a steal based on what Justin Jefferson landed.

We all know Tua Tagovailoa and his quest to become the latest $50 million per year man is ongoing, but the player getting the most attention right now is Hill. Since the speedster arrived in Miami, he has been nothing short of spectacular.

He's put together back-to-back 1,700-yard seasons, which is the first time that has ever happened. He's the focal point of every defensive gameplan and yet he still gets behind defenses and scares the life out of defensive coordinators. But even before Jefferson's record-breaking deal, Tyreek has made it known to the Dolphins that he wants to be taken care of.

The Dolphins are well aware of what Hill wants and even Adam Schefter believes that a deal, like we as fans want to happen, will get done at some point. It seems like some classic GM magic will be occurring when Chris Grier and Brandon Shore shuffle money around from one spot and send it over to Hill.

Bleacher Report conjured up this figure of what Tyreek Hill might be able to get out of Miami.

That makes sense in today's NFL with the caliber of player that Hil is. When this will happen is anyone's guess. It could happen in a week, a month, or in December. Who knows? What I do know is that it is highly unlikely that Hill will leave Miami. Here's why:

3. Tyreek Hill will not have it better than in Mike McDaniel's offense

Hill, over the last two seasons, has 341 targets. That puts him second in total targets, surprisingly, to DaVante Adams, who didn't make the most of many of those. We all know the goal that Hill had of trying to be the first receiver to get to 2,000 yards receiving this past year, which was something he nearly accomplished.

Many people weren't a huge fan of the idea of force-feeding the ball to one player, and it turned out to catch up to Hill, who eventually got hurt late in the year and wasn't the same after. Regardless of how Hill's season ended in 2023, he knows that Mike McDaniel can't help himself from drawing up plays to keep getting him the ball.

That, and McDaniel has Tagovailoa trained to focus on Hill. Again, not something any of us truly like, but it is the reality we currently live in. Maybe that will change this year. It seems impossible that Hill would get as many targets anywhere else, so it stands as a good reason that the All-Pro WR would want to stay in Miami.