Mike McDaniel is eating Oreos and basically telling everyone that the Miami Dolphins are signing Dalvin Cook

Jun 2, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel talks to reporters
Jun 2, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel talks to reporters / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I pity you if you don't know what eating Oreos means in this situation. Do yourself a favor and not just because the World Series of Poker just started, with a serious bang, and watch the movie Rounders.

Secondly, Mike McDaniel came to the podium today and did everything but say the Miami Dolphins are going to be treating the $13.6M they're going to get tomorrow due to Byron Jones getting cut, like winning the lottery. Here he is answering a question about that money that the Dolphins will get tomorrow.

Could that money be used for another player or players? Sure it can. But unless Mike McDaniel is truly Mike McD and has a poker face that Mike Matusow wishes he had, I'm going all in on the Miami Dolphins signing or trading for Dalvin Cook in the near future.

I wrote earlier this morning how I'm good with whatever decision the Miami Dolphins go with in regards to Dalvin Cook. That hasn't changed over the last 7 hours. But I also still feel that if the Dolphins add Dalvin Cook to their backfield that I will be all about it.

Dalvin Cook would be the first real running back the Miami Dolphins had since possibly Jay Ajayi or even Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Cook is that good of a player. He's that kind of player and has been since getting into the league back in 2017.

I realize that Cook has been in the league for six seasons, his first he only played in four games, and many think that he might as well be 50 years old but we saw him play last year. He still has game left. This isn't Emmitt Smith going to the Cardinals.

I understand the argument that Miami should allocate that money elsewhere such as bringing in more offensive line help. I still think that will happen regardless if Cook ends up a Dolphin or not. I also get that the Miami Dolphins currently have some decent running backs and drafted a wild-card in Devon Achane that so far has been hurled nothing but praise by everyone that has seen him out there.

But Dalvin Cook is on a different level than all of these guys and we all know it. If the price is right I say go right ahead. We know he wants to play in Miami, who doesn't anymore am I right, so you might as well make this offense even more dynamic.

I suppose we'll see what tomorrow brings. Real good chance nothing happens yet as Cook is still with the Vikings. Time will tell. But make no mistake, Mike McDaniel did a bad job trying to get people to believe that the Miami Dolphins weren't interested in Dalvin Cook and I love him for that.

By the Way- Watch this scene and go watch the whole movie. You'll respect yourself in the morning if you do.