Mohamed Kamara had the perfect mindset at his first Dolphins minicamp

Dolphins rookie Mo Kamara is quite humble as he enters Year 1 in the NFL
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Mohamed Kamara has finally made it to the NFL. A fifth-round pick, the defensive end has already said he wants to make teams that passed on him pay for it now that he's with the Miami Dolphins. He may be looking to impress his coaches, but one of his own family members has given him a reality check as well:

Kamara spoke to the media on the first day of Dolphins rookie minicamp and told those in attendance that he fully understands he hasn't earned anything with Miami yet. He's with the team now, which is great, but he still has to prove his worth to the fanbase and staff. His brother reminded him of this in a big way:

Mohamed Kamara knows he hasn't earned anyhing yet with the Miami Dolphins

"My brother called me last night. You know, 'You made it to the locker room.' So that's all it means. It just means I made it to the locker room. Nothing else. I still gotta prove myself."

Mohamed Kamara

He will get the opportunity to do just that. Nothing like a little brotherly love to bring you back down to earth when you are flying high. His brother, however, is 100 percent correct. Kamara hasn't done anything but make it to the locker room.

Some guys want to say they got to wear a helmet, put on a jersey, or maybe participate in training camp. It's something they can talk to their kids about. Others want more and this of course includes Kamara.

Kamara has a lot to prove before anyone considers him great, but getting there starts with being grounded and humbled. Kamara wants to make an impact for Miami now that he's reached the next level. The message from his brother was important enough for him to share and a reminder that he has a long way to go before he runs out of a tunnel on Sunday afternoons. He has a long road to becoming a full-time starter. His journey has just begun, but people are excited about his potential.