NFL Draft grades: What the experts are saying about the Miami Dolphins draft

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Chop Robinson was a universally applauded selection for the Miami Dolphins but what do the experts think of Miami adding 7 new prospects to the roster?

Over the course of the last few days, the 2024 NFL Draft for the Dolphins has sunk in. The surprises are over and as the next couple of years go by, we will revisit what Chris Grier did and ask if these picks were the right ones or not.

We graded the Dolphins draft selections earlier this week, but now we want to know what the national media think of Miami's draft.

Mel Kiper: Kiper was pounding the table for the mid-round selection of Mohamad Kamara. He sat on the top of his board for quite a while on day three, so naturally, he loved the selection. He also really likes the Jaylen Wright selection, but at the same time, he blames Miami for trading up for him.

Kiper wants to grade the Dolphins 2024 draft but he knocks them down from an "A" because Miami gave up a 3rd round pick next year. That doesn't make any sense to me considering Miami had possibly three 3rd round picks next year.

Kiper thinks Miami got good value with the two WR selections but he believes that Malik Washington will be the player for Dolphins fans to watch.

Overall grade: B+ but as Kiper said, he couldn't give them an "A" because of the trade.

Chad Reuter - Reuter believes the Dolphins had a good draft but cited the need for Chop Robinson to be better against the run. He, too, cites the trading of a 2025 draft pick for Jayen Wright, given the Dolphin's current stable of running backs. He also thinks that Kamara will be just as productive in 2024 as Robinson will be.

Overall grade: B- Reuter knocks the Dolphins grade down because of losing a 3rd round draft pick in 2024 from the NFL tampering investigation.

Ryan Dunleavy - New York Post: Dunleavy sounded as if he were impressed, noting the speed of Wright and the value of Paul in round two, but he still believes that Robinson isn't a sack guy and a pressure guy only. Overall grade: C+

Matt Verderame - Sports Illustrated: Verderame points out Miami filled the holes but doesn't see a major impact this year and growth need for Robinson. Overall Grade: C+.

Other notable 2024 NFL Draft grades for the Miami Dolphins.

  • USA Today - B-
  • - C
  • Yahoo Sports - B+
  • CBS Sports - C-
  • NBC Sports - C+

None of it matters at all. The Dolphins did what they wanted to do and Chris Grier said that he got two players that were at the top of their draft boards. The only ones that have to be happy with the draft, are the Miami Dolphins.