NFL Draft: The top 10 offensive tackle prospects are some of the best in recent years

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#9 Graham Barton Duke

Graham Barton is built more like a guard, measuring 6'5" and weighing 314 pounds.

Barton played left tackle at Duke from 2021-2023, having played center as a freshman in 2020. Many analysts believe Barton is the most versatile offensive lineman in this draft.

Barton’s movement off the ball isn’t as fluid as some of the smaller tackles such as Troy Fautanu or Dominick Puni. His hand placement is great, and he has good power. 

Graham Barton was the 25th-best pass-blocking tackle and 18th overall rated tackle in 2023. Ranked at 18 in 2023 placed him higher than some of his draft peers such as Amarius Mims, Troy Fautanu, and Kingsley Suamataia.

Barton allowed 2 sacks, 9 QB hurries, and 11 pressures in 496 offensive snaps. Barton had a 97.2 efficiency rating while only being flagged for 6 penalties. Several mock drafts have Miami trading back to acquire more picks and subsequently drafting Barton late in the first round.

#8 Patrick Paul University of Houston

Patrick Paul is a 6’7” 315-pound left tackle from the University of Houston. 

Patrick Paul, Anthony Hill Jr.
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Paul is a 5-year senior who took over full-time at left tackle in 2021. Paul was a top 5 pass-blocking tackle for the 2023 season. In 2023, Patrick Paul ranked toward the top in run, pass, and overall offense in blocking.  

Despite his top rankings in Pro Football Focus, the tape shows Paul overextending and losing balance. Paul allowed 1 sack, 1 QB hit, 7 hurries, and 9 pressures in 2023. Patrick Paul is appealing for the Dolphins as he started all 4 years at left tackle in an RPO, zone-based run scheme.