NFL Power Rankings after the 2024 NFL Draft: Did the Dolphins climb or drop?

Should Dolphins fans feel confident ahead of the '24 campaign?
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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No. 10: New York Jets

The Jets are probably one of the best drafting teams in the NFL. On paper, they are nearly superior to other teams, especially the rest of the division. Coaching is the Jets' biggest problem outside of the QB room. Aaron Rodgers, once again, will be the reason the Jets succeed or fail in 2024. With Rodgers healthy and returning, the Jets have the talent to challenge for the division, but the Jets will always find a way to, well, "Jet."

No. 11: Dallas Cowboys

The drama in Dallas will always surround Jerry Jones and his inability to recognize great talent compared to average talent. The Cowboys have a good football team, but the distractions around the training facility and Jerry Jones' Disneyland approach to everything sinks the team each year.

No. 12: Los Angeles Rams

The Rams finally made a first round draft pick for the first time since 2016 and the rest of the draft went very well for Sean McVay's team. The Rams are getting the most out of an aging QB, Matt Stafford, because they have great WRs on the roster. However, the defense would look a lot different without Aaron Donald.

No. 13: Cleveland Browns

The Browns didn't have much in the way of draft picks to work with, having moved a lot of them for Deshaun Watson. They didn't need a lot, however. Cleveland played free agency well and most of the team is returning in 2024. The Browns are playing in a tough division where one or two losses in the division is the difference between making the playoffs or sitting them out entirely. In this division, 10 wins may not be enough.

No. 14: Miami Dolphins

Honestly, the Dolphins didn't do much to improve their roster in the draft. They drafted players that will help in subsequent years. Chop Robinson was a good addition in round one, given the need for help at the EDGE, but Miami's need at the position meant passing on better prospects that may have had a bigger impact.

Miami has to prove that they can be defensively sufficient with all the changes this offseason, including the release of Jerome Baker and Xavien Howard, as well as allowing Andrew Van Ginkel and Christian Wilkins to leave in free agency.

Offensively, this is still the Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle show with a great running game, but the offensive line is still a question, and the loss of Robert Hunt hurt. There is a change at center where Aaron Brewer will take over, and the safety position on defense is still a question as well, given there is little depth. Overall, the Dolphins have to prove that the offseason changes will not hurt their productivity. And let's be real: Miami got bounced quickly again in the playoffs after losing three of their final four games and the AFC East along with them.

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