Opinion: Tua didn't spend much time considering retirement

Dec 25, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) scrambles
Dec 25, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) scrambles / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Isn't it so nice to talk about Tua Tagovailoa again? I mean, what's better than discussing every single thing Tua does and says like we're one of those detectives that go through people's trash?

Well yesterday, Tua once again served up some juicy fodder for the masses to run with. For the record, I get why everyone even myself does it. It's being talked about by everyone whether we like it or not so we might as well chime in as well. And if the big-wig talking heads and even the smallest of the small folks like myself earn something from it so be it. Are some folks going to think this was a waste of their time? Probably.

Tua coming out and saying that he considered retirement and then everyone losing their collective minds is funny to me. Why is it funny? Because I bet that Tua spent only a few minutes after the Packers game where he suffered his last concussion thinking about whether he should continue playing football or not.

Do I know Tua or have I ever been around him to get a cut of his jib? Not at all. I base this all on how he has responded to questions since the season ended, how he answered questions yesterday and that him and I both are human beings that like to do what he like to do meaning I feel like he has gone about business with all this concussion stuff like I think I would. Since I've never been in his postion I fully admit I suppose I'll never truly know what I would do in his position.

Tua said that he considered retirement for a time. I really don't think that time lasted all that much. I can see a reality where he got healthy at some point during the season after the Packers game and before the Bills' playoff game and he knew he could go out and play. I say that because he said that.

Tua not even lowkey saying that he was good to go but that the Dolphins and or the NFL pretty much put him on ice is interesting. Not that surprising but interesting.

Now after the the Packer's game, where Tua once again landed on his head(don't worry he's fixing that with jiu jitso so we're all good) the talk about whether or not Tua should actually retire started to be discussed everywhere. I don't blame anyone at all bringing up the notion that Tua should have a conversation with his family and doctors about what he wants and should do. That makes total sense to me.

But this is where I believe, without any evidence to confirm other than the ole gut speaking to me that Tua knew that if he was cleared by the doctors that he was 100% playing football again. He said it himself, defiantly quick I might add, yesterday that based on how old he is and that he wants his son to see him to play that there was never a doubt, outside of doctors telling him he can't, that he was going to play again. The tone and attitude of how he said what he said yesterday screams me that he knew he was never not going to play as long as was allowed too.

I'm sure he had those important conversations with his family about whether he should play or not with his family but I would expect he entered those conversations knowing that he was not retiring. And I expect his family said something along the lines of if this is what you want to do go ahead and do it.

We all have conversations with family that we just sort of do because it's the proper thing even though we've already made our decision. In my opinion with zero evidence to back this up, this is what I bet happened. Obviosuly, Tua and his concussion history all for the world to see is a little different than me akskng my fiance if she cares if I go golfing with the guys instead of doing other stuff I don't really want to do even though I already told them I'm going. Tua can't come out and say "yeah, it really wasn't a tough decision at all. I knew the whole time I was going to play." That's not going to work for really anyone.

Could I be way off with all this? Sure I could be. Will we ever know exactly know how long Tua thought about retirieng? I would think not. I'm just speaking as a person who typically doesn't need that much time to know what I want to do. I feel like most people know really quick what they want to do. I think Tua knew really quickly that he wasn't going to retire. He just needed the greenlight from doctors and specialists before he could be official about it.

Now it certainly appears that Tua is as 100% as he ever could be. We've seen him throwing to all his receivers recently and he looks to be in as good of shape as he ever will be. I'm hoping he goes ahead and wears that new concussion helmet that that they just came out and that his jiu jitsu though fun to joke around about is actually giving him some type of muscle memory on avoiding hitting his head when guys have their arms around him. I still contend that he should be training how to fall in the Hart Family Dungeon but that's just me.

This team has the opportunity to do real-deal winning this year. The players, coaches and administration knows it. It really does boil down to whether or not Tua plays the whole season. I'm hoping with everything he does.

Now it certainly appears that Tua is at peak Tua levels. Seeing the solid shape that he is in and that he has already been throwing to his receivers recently is telling me that all systems are a go for Tua to lead the Miami Dolphins. I hope that he is going to wear the new quarterback-specific helmet to help reduce concussions. I also hope that the jiu-jitsu which is admittedly fun to joke around about is helping him develop some muscle memory on how to fall to the Earth while someone has their arms around him.

This team is a win-now team. The players, coaches and administration knows it. Having Tua play the entire season is pretty much a must due to how the offense is configured for specifically him. Me and most others will be hoping as hard as we can that he stays healthy and is able to go out there and do his thing because when he's right, it's a real sight to see.

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