Ranking the best QBs in the AFC East: Where do the Miami Dolphins stand?

The AFC East has some quality quarterbacks, but where do the Dolphins rank?
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Miami Dolphins fans are waiting to see what and when the next Tua Tagovailoa contract will be finalized and announced. There is a lot of debate among fans as to whether he should be paid as the best QB in the NFL or if he shouldn't be.

There are a lot of fans who think paying Tagovailoa as much, if not more, than Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence is responsible or even worth the money. Others will argue that he should be paid lower than Jared Goff. The Dolphins seem to be more in the region of Goff's deal than Burrow's. Still, if you are going to be paid as the best quarterback in the league, shouldn't you be the best quarterback in the division? So, is Tua tops in the AFC East? We have our rankings in this piece:

4. Drake Maye - New England Patriots

The Patriots are banking on two things, 1: that a former player with limited coaching experience can turn around the franchise that parted ways with Bill Belichick, and two, that a rookie quarterback can lead the team.

Drake Maye isn't going to turn the Patriots into immediate winners and there are questions as to whether or not he can develop as quickly as the Patriots hope he can. Time will tell, and his rookie season should be tough. Plain and simple, New England isn't built to be a top contender in the near future.

For now, Maye is the quarterback ranked lowest in the AFC East because he hasn't proven anything at all yet. His 2024 season will be full of bumps and a lot of bruises. The Patriots are going to rely heavily on their running game until Maye gets up to NFL speed.