Super-agent Drew Rosenhaus predicts Tua Tagovailoa's contract extension numbers

The Miami Dolphins are still negotiating with Tua Tagovailoa
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When the Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa finally agree on a new contract extension, the numbers in the deal will be highly scrutinized, but one super-agent has an idea of how the market is and where those numbers should land.

Josh Moser recently had Rosenhaus on his podcast and asked him about Tua's contract. Rosenhaus should have a good idea of what that contract should look like.

"I think it has to be in the ballpark of Jared Goff," Rosenhaus said. "They are comparable players. When you look at Tua's statistics and compare them to Goff's, they are pretty close." Rosenhaus believes that Tua's contract should be similar to that deal. Goff signed a four-year extension worth up to $212 million with $170 million guaranteed.

Rosenhaus expects the Dolphins to get a deal done, considering they got rid of several players in order to make something happen. He said the Dolphins have been working on prepping for this contract with releases like Xavien Howard and Jerome Baker and not re-signing guys like Robert Hunt, Andrew Van Ginkel, and Christian Wilkins.

Moser asked Rosenhaus what leverage Tua actually has in these negotiations and Rosenhaus was quick to point out, "He has a lot." Rosenhaus pointed out that it is hard to win without a happy quarterback and also said that he expects a deal to get done before the Dolphins enter training camp.

Can the Miami Dolphins lock up Tua Tagovailoa before training camp starts?

Rosenhaus believes that they can get a deal done and will do so by that date, but Miami should try to get a deal done sooner. Training camp won't start until late July. Miami has other players who also need to have their contracts addressed and while they don't have to get them done immediately, waiting does nothing more than drive the cost of those deals higher.

The deal for De'Vonta Smith was a blueprint for Grier and Jaylen Waddle, but since that contract was signed, other WRs have been linked to better deals. If anyone would know what the contract should look like, it's Rosenhaus, who has negotiated massive contracts throughout his career.