Terron Armstead sends message to Tua Tagovailoa haters over his new contract

Terron Armstead knows his QB deserves a new deal soon.
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Terron Armstead knows a thing or two about good quarterbacks, even great ones. The veteran offensive tackle has been around Tua Tagovailoa to form his own opinion on the man who is tasked with leading the Miami Dolphins.

Tua haters beware: Armstead believes that when the extension for the QB contract is announced, it will be record-breaking. Furthermore, Armstead thinks it will be justified. The left tackle sees Tagovailoa as an elite QB.

Terron Armstead is ready to see Tua Tagovailoa get paid

Armstead joined Ross Tucker's podcast recently and was asked about his quarterback's current salary situation. The Dolphins have watched Jared Goff get a massive deal and then Trevor Lawrence get paid the same amount as Joe Burrow. Miami fans need to start thinking about Tua as the highest paid player in the NFL because he will be.

"He's going to be one of the highest-paid ever - whenever that comes across ESPN or SportsCenter and all those good things. He's an elite quarterback, one of the top guys in the league. He's able to do things that very few on earth can."

Terron Armstead

The quote above from Armstead isn't going to sit well with many fans who see the Miami signal-caller as a massive question mark. Tagovailoa had a fantastic 2023 season, but it ended with the Dolphins being knocked out of the first round when the playoffs arrived. He has posted one full NFL season without injury and he led the NFL in passing yards in '23.

During OTAs, Tagovailoa was asked by the media about his contract. He said he would describe his feelings about it as "antsy." He also was asked about the contract that Jared Goff received and whether or not he should get a similar deal. He said, "The market is the market."

Last week, the Jaguars jumped ahead of the Dolphins and got their young quarterback locked up for the long haul. Lawrence will make the same as Burrow or close to it. Burrow is the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL right now. Where will Tua's contract land? No one knows yet,but the speculation has it coming in around $275 million when it is all said and done.