The Miami Dolphins don't need Ndamukong Suh despite the recent visit

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There was a time when the name Ndamukong Suh struck fear in opposing offensive lines. The tough former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle visited the Dolphins this week.

It will be interesting to see if the Dolphins add the veteran DT to the roster in the coming days but do they really need him? Suh is still a quality defensive lineman provided he is used in the right situations. He is no longer the dominant three-down player he used to be.

Over the years, Suh has gone from being one of the best DTs in the game to a player hanging around with the hopes of winning a Super Bowl. There is nothing wrong with that but he doesn't have the same dominance he once did and in Miami, he would add depth to the line.

Suh isn't going to start if he is added to the Dolphins roster but he could provide some play off the edge as another DT. He would provide depth at the position as well but do the Dolphins really need to spend money on him?

Miami let Jason Pierre-Paul go to make room on the roster for returning RB Chris Brooks so there is a need for some on that side of the ball but Suh may not be it. If the contract numbers are good, maybe it gives the Dolphins more incentive but right now, Suh is playing off his name, a very good one, but still his name.

Many fans wondered about the relationship that Suh would have in the locker room. His previous stint with the Dolphins didn't go well and even he acknowledged that he was not the leader he should have been. Would this be a small form of redemption on his part?

The Dolphins are in the thick of the playoff chase and face three tough opponents to end the season and they are going to kick some tires along the way to round out the roster a bit more as the end of the season approaches. Suh is one of those tires right now.

Adding Suh wouldn't hurt the team and would make them at least a little stronger but anyone thinking that he will show up and transform the defense will likely be wrong. At this stage, he would be an addition to the roster but would at least see the field more than Jason Pierre-Paul did.