The Miami Dolphins should be all in on signing Zach Ertz

The Miami Dolphins should do everything they can to sign recently released tight end Zach Ertz.
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The Miami Dolphins should be 100% all in on signing the recently released Zach Ertz.

I know it's a cliche for a Dolphin's fan to immediately want a player who just got released or that is in free agency but I feel like I temper that pretty well. But this time, the Miami Dolphins should absolutely be out there looking to sign Zach Ertz.

It won't cost very much and the team can use a tight end that can be an effective pass-catcher. With Ertz on the field, defenses would have to respect it due to him having a track record of doing well. He has 27 catches for 187 yards this year on an Arizona team that has had a revolving door of quarterbacks this year.

Defenses also would have to respect a capable player in the middle of the field something they don't with Durham Smythe. This isn't to say that Smythe would be backburnered. Smythe is a solidish blocker and has a place on this offense an offense that has only been scoring about 20 points a game over the last three or so weeks.

Zach Ertz seems like he's been in the league for decades but he's only 33. He still has something left in the tank. He had 53 yards against the 49ers earlier in the year. That's good enough for me pending he doesn't have an injury or something like that.

The Dolphins added Chase Claypool when they needed a boost at receiver and the return on that has been okayish. Adding Zach Ertz is a similar risk. If he can still play for the playoff stretch run it's a no-brainer and if he can't he's gone. Seems simple to me.

It needs to be simple for Chris Grier who was quiet at the trade deadline. I don't see how a player the caliber of Zach Ertz would through the ecosystem the Miami Dolphins have going. They just picked up Jason Pierre Paul. Might as well keep adding good to potentially really good players that don't cost anything.

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