The Miami Dolphins decided to sit the trade deadline out

All eyes were on the Miami Dolphins to see if they would try and bolster their roster with a trade they opted to do nothing.
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel / Eric Espada/GettyImages

All eyes were on the Miami Dolphins to see if they would try and bolster their roster with a trade. But in the end, Chris Grier and company decided that there wasn't anything too good to go out and get.

I know this is going to come as not-so-great news and that Chris Grier is going to continue to be thought of as a guy sleeping on trade deadline day but the truth is we really don't know how hard the Dolphins tried to get something done. But don't let that stop you from losing your mind if that's what you're into.

I agree it would have been nice to see the Dolphins go out and see if there was any kind of offensive line depth to be had or middle-backer help. The Vikings traded Ezra Cleveland, a pretty solid guard to the Jaguars so the idea that no one trades good offensive linemen at this point in the season seemed dated.

Then we saw Super Bowl contender, San Francisco, trade for Chase Young. Along with the Eagles, who are always looking to get better, trading for Kevin Byard the other day you would have thought the Miami Dolphins, a team that should be thinking Super Bowl, would have gone close to all in but alas, the Dolphins aren't making any moves.

It's 4:02, and I was hoping something would happen from when I started writing this eight minutes but the team the Miami Dolphins currently has is the the team the rest of the way.

if you want to make the argument that the Dolphins will be getting some really good players soon in Terron Armstead, Connor Williams, De'Von Achane, Xavien Howard, and Jevon Holland, go for it. It's a nice approach that will make your life easier. Those guys coming back in the next few weeks will certainly be wonderful additions.

Now that the deadline is behind us, let's get to talking about if the Dolphins can take down the Chiefs in Germany in five days. That seems much more fun than talking about how they didn't get a backup linemen.

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