The NFL Draft has come back to the Miami Dolphins in some potentially awesome ways

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and coach Mike McDaniel address reporters Tuesday.

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Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and coach Mike McDaniel address reporters Tuesday. Img 9284 / HAL HABIB / The Palm Beach Post / USA

What an action-packed 1st round that was last night. There were trades early that rocked the entire draft, guys who weren't figuring to be 1st round picks get selected and Will Levis is quite possibly still sitting in the green room. Last night had everything.

Tonight is when the nuts and bolts of the draft start to take shape. I don't want to say that we're in Jimmy and Joes territory ala Jimmy Johnson, but day 2 of the NFL Draft is where teams can do some real team building in a multitude of ways. One of those ways is by making trades. I expect a heavy dose of trades to occur tonight.

One of those teams that I wouldn't be shocked to make a trade is the Miami Dolphins. I'm not saying they will do that but we all know that wheeling dealing son of a gun, Chris Grier, must be beside himself that he didn't get involved last night. The restraint he showed last night in not pulling off a trade was Happy Gilmore like.

I don't know if Grier, honestly, has to make a trade because I love the board that is in front of the Dolphins heading into tonight. Actually looking at the names that are out there, I am firmly planting my flag in the I hope the Dolphins don't trade up ground.

The tight end position is the position that I and many others are zeroing in on and that position still has several very good players that I would have no problem seeing be on the Dolphins. A name not on that list from Tom Pelissero is Tucker Kraft. I'm a big Tucker Kraft guy and I think they can get him in the 3rd.

Everyone knows my interest in Sam LaPorta and if he's there at 51 that is the guy that I am taking no questions asked.

Other guys I would enjoy seeing the Miami Dolphins draft are Keeanu Benton, Luke Musgrave, Dawand Jones, and DJ Turner ll. Any of those guys at 51 and 84 would have me feeling all types of things.

Miami has the 20th pick tonight which I agree is a weird way to say they have the #51 pick in the draft. Obviously, many of the names that are in the Pelissero tweets will be gone by then but not all of them. And we just know that some teams will overreach for a few guys that aren't listed.

What I'm saying is that the Miami Dolphins are in a solid position to get better tonight and that's exciting. Dare I say, that not even the Dolphins can screw up the draft tonight. Damn, pretty sure I just jinxed the life out of him. Put it on me if something goes wrong.

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