Three reasons why trading Tyreek Hill would be beneficial for the Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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After another recent allegation of domestic abuse, some fans are calling for Tyreek Hill to be traded.

Before you take out the pitchforks, I do not necessarily believe this trade is best for the team at the moment, but I am simply looking into the possibility and how it could make sense for the Dolphins long term. This is purely hypothetical, so don't run me out of town!

So we're clear, I do not believe trading Tyreek Hill right now is the correct move. I believe he is a receiver still in his prime and has gamebreaking ability that is reserved for an elite few. However, the thought has crossed many curious minds, so let's see if we can find some reasons why trading away the best player on the team would be a good idea. Wish me luck.

1. Father Time Waits for No Man

To be fair, there have rarely ever been players like Tyreek Hill. The closest comparable player is Desean Jackson. Jackson had better hands, Hill was faster, it's not a perfect comparison. Jackson, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Chad Johnson, Dez Bryant, Randy Moss, and many more receivers lost a step and became a shell of their former glory once they reached the wrong side of 30. Tyreek could prove to be more similar to Marvin Harrison (elite-level player until he was 34), but Tyreek's superpower is beating defenders with his legendary speed. That speed will diminish the older he gets.

2. Off-Field Concerns

Despite his elite play on Sundays, Hill can be a bit of a headache every other day of the week. Dating back to 2014, Hill has had some major red flags sprout up. He was charged with domestic assault in college, and in 2019 he was investigated for battery involving his 3-year-old son, this past offseason there was an incident at Haulover Marina in Miami, and recently allegations have surfaced in a lawsuit with an Instagram model over football drills at his mansion. I have no room to judge Tyreek, I do not know the man, nor any of the detailed circumstances involving the incidents. Simply put, he has been involved in his share of controversies off the field. If the trend continues, they could become a distraction to himself or the team.

3. Here Comes the Money

Tyreek Hill is currently the most expensive WR in the NFL. In a league where offense is king, and receivers and quarterbacks rake in the dough, he sits on top. Trading Tyreek for a good young WR on a rookie contract or someone who won't command so much money could be a savvy move to keep Miami in good financial standing with many rookie contracts ending soon. One name that would have made sense is Brandon Aiyuk. He was a name in trade rumors this offseason, and the 26-year-old has been a star for the 49ers in recent years.

Tyreek is truly a one-of-a-kind game-breaker. He has the ability to instantly shift the game in his team's favor and has been as impactful of an addition as Miami could have ever hoped for. With his statements made previously about retiring after the 2025 season, if Tyreek takes a step back, even a slight one, could we see Miami pull a move from the Belichick playbook and trade the star wideout before he begins to decline or retire? Unlikely, and while I do not believe he should be traded, I don't believe the idea is outlandish or without merit. Depending on the player or picks you could bring in for him, it may be worth considering if 2024 doesn't go the way we expect it to.

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