Three takeaways From the Dolphins vs. Chiefs game in Germany

It was a tough day for the Miami Dolphins as they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs 24-17 on German soil.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Alex Grimm/GettyImages

The only thing I will admit about this game is that the Dolphins did a little better against a winning team considering they lost by a touchdown.

Credit should be given to the defense for stepping up their game. However, it doesn't change the fact that a loss is a loss. It also doesn't change the effects it brought on Miami.

Here are my three takeaways from the loss this past Sunday!

1. It's Not About Being the Best Team Anymore. It's About Proving Something.

The Dolphins have a record tailor-made for a spot in the NFL playoffs. So, why does the doubt and criticism continue?

Some believe it's because they can't deliver in the games that matter. In my opinion, I think this game might have been the beginning of changing that perspective.

All the Dolphins want to do is show everyone that they won't be defined by their wins against the NFL's struggling teams. If they can beat just one team with a winning record, then that's all the proof needed to make a point.

Their final chances to make a huge statement will await them in the final weeks of the NFL regular season. The second half of their season starts in less than two weeks against the Las Vegas Raiders.

2: The Dolphins defense played much better this past week.

The Dolphins defense held the Chiefs down well in the first half. However, they looked much better in the second half.

A crucial play occurred when Bradley Chubb caused Patrick Mahomes to fumble the ball, allowing Zack Sieler to recover it. This led to the Dolphins' second touchdown.

The Chiefs were scoreless, and their offense was held down to 67 total yards in the second half.

The way the Dolphins defense performed in that part of the game is exactly how they need to be from this point forward.

Miami has been heavily relying on the offense in these games because the defense has been looking like they're missing in action.

The defense needs to keep changing. Their opponents won't stand a chance if they can pull off what they did on Sunday, but better.

3. What does all this mean for the race for the postseason?

Miami currently stands as the 4th seed in the AFC. There is something you should think about though.

This game felt more like a look into the playoff future for the Dolphins. It looked more like an AFC divisional or championship game, and they got eliminated.

Right now, the NFL is now halfway through the season. The playoff picture is being created.

The matchups in this year's AFC playoffs are still too soon to tell. However, Miami fans could see their team moving past the Wild Card stage.

Could this mean that we may get another meeting between Miami and Kansas City? At this rate, who knows?