Top 3 Takeaways From Broncos vs. Dolphins in Week 3

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins were dominant like we have never seen them before this past Sunday. Their win against the Denver Broncos was statement-making and more.

Let's take a look at the top 3 takeaways from this game.

1. 70 Points

The Dolphins' 70-20 victory over the Broncos was one of the biggest talks of last Sunday because of the records that were set along with one that could've been broken.

The 70-point score broke the team's previous franchise record for most points in a game. That was set back in 1977 when they scored 55 points against St. Louis.

This also marked the first time since 1966 that any NFL team scored that amount or more in the regular season.

The all-time record for the highest, regular season score in NFL history is 72 points. That record was set by Washington in 1966 when they defeated the New York Giants, 72-41.

All Miami had to do to break that record was go for one more field goal, but head coach Mike McDaniel opted not to.

"It felt like chasing points, chasing a record. That's not what we came here to do. That doesn't have a bearing on the overall season outcome. Ten times out of 10 you concede and kneel down in those situations. Because there was an attainable record, that was cool, but the message I thought it would send wasn't in line with how I view things."

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel

The 2023 Dolphins are now the third team in NFL history to reach the 70-point milestone. They're tied with the 1950 Los Angeles Rams for the second-highest score in a regular season NFL game.

2. De'Von Achane and Raheem Mostert are Stars in the Making.

Achane and Mostert stepped up for the running backs and delivered on an impressive scale.

Mostert rushed 13 times for 82 yards and three touchdowns and added 7 receptions for 60 yards and a touchdown.

Achane, the rookie RB out of Texas A&M, rushed 18 times for 203 yards and two touchdowns and added four receptions for 30 yards and two more touchdowns.

Now, Mostert has been around the NFL for a while, but he had a hard time finding his footing in the beginning.

His last peak performance was in 2019 when he recorded 137 rush attempts for 772 yards and eight touchdowns in the San Francisco 49ers.

Since joining the Dolphins last season, Mostert has a combined 222 attempts for 1,131 yards and nine touchdowns. Miami may have been the team he needed to be in for a breakthrough in his career.

Achane is still starting out, but his performance was exceptional as well. The third-round draft pick keeps this up, and his worth will keep climbing.

3. Tua's Own Comeback Story Continues

Tagovailoa has so far been proving to the doubters that his absences last season due to concussions weren't going to hinder him.

His performance this past Sunday was probably the best in his NFL career yet. He completed 23 out of 26 attempts for 309 yards and four touchdowns.

He's now recorded over a thousand yards, eight touchdowns, and two interceptions this season. He also has an 82.9 quarterback rating, making him the #1 quarterback in the league.

He's also being considered as an MVP candidate. However, it's still too soon to determine how qualified he really is.

He will have the chance to further his MVP chances when he and the Dolphins face Josh Allen and the Bills this Sunday afternoon.