Tyreek Hill's future exit from the Dolphins could play out during the 2024 NFL Draft

Tyreek Hill is arguably the best wide receiver in football and a galvanizing figure in the locker room. However, going into his age 31 season, the team has to begin thinking about the exit ramp for Tyreek.
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I know that even talking about this idea will bring out all the critics, but the reality is that this team is built to win now, but there’s tremendous value in ensuring we are built to win later, too.

This offense, built with and for speed, relies heavily on the wheels of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. At age 25, Jaylen Waddle is poised to have his 5th-year option picked up and undoubtedly will receive a massive contract extension with the team. Tyreek, on the other hand, has three years left on his deal with the first potential out, according to Spotrac, after the 2025 season - just one year from now.

Additionally, as we saw last year, both wideouts dealt with nagging injuries throughout the season with Tyreek dealing with an ankle injury that seemed to never relent. Nevertheless, this powerhouse elite athlete powered through it. The thing is, there will come a time when that’s a lot harder, especially for a speedy receiver, and as we saw, this team doesn’t have a bonafide stud wide receiver three that they can lean on. This isn’t even taking into account the fact that the team played with just Tyreek or Jaylen on the field quite often - both by design and due to injury. It’s time to add to that room in a meaningful way.

Xavier Worthy
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Whether it's Xavier Worthy in the 1st, hoping a guy like Ricky Pearsall falls to you at 55, or another rookie receiver altogether, they’ll need time to learn the offense. Drafting them now gives them that chance and allows you to stagger the big wide receiver contracts down the road.

What do you think? Is this weekend the right time to begin the process of drafting and developing our next great wide receiver to pair with Jaylen Waddle?

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