Why Aaron Brewer could signal an offensive philosophy change

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
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The addition of Aaron Brewer late Monday night to the Dolphins roster wasn't wildly fist-pumping but he could be the missing key to a philosophical offensive change.

Brewer isn't going to win over many fans with his pass-blocking. He is adequate and didn't score well last season. The Dolphins, however, may be looking at what he does well, he is one of the best blocking for the run game.

The Dolphins found success running the ball in 2023 and they hope to continue building upon that this year. Brewer has the physicality to move defenders but his best attribute may be his speed. Brewer is quick enough to get downfield and block. This is a good attribute to have when he is blocking downfield on screenplays.

The pass-blocking aspect of his game may not be that important. Miami was consistently one of the fastest offenses in the NFL from snap to release.

With Brewer, the Dolphins should be fine and they should be better with opening lanes inside. In 2023, the Dolphins ran a lot of guard/tackle gap plays but with Brewer, they may be able to open more lanes at the A and B gaps between center and guard.

While Brewer can play guard and did in his first two seasons, the Dolphins would be smart to keep him at center. While Liam Eichenberg is not an answer at guard, he is better there than at center and perhaps he can make a jump in his 4th season as Austin Jackson did.

What may have initially looked like an odd choice at the center, the Dolphins could be planning to become more of a physically dominant rushing attack that compliments the speed of the outside receivers. If McDaniel can achieve this dual-threat offense, Miami could be in good shape.