Why Stephen Ross turned down an insane offer to sell the Miami Dolphins

Stephen Ross said thanks, but no thanks to an unreal amount of money
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According to a recent report, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross received a massive offer to sell the team.

Ross has owned the Miami Dolphins, at least in part, since the 2008 season when he famously quipped, "That win cost me a few million dollars," in reference to Greg Camarillo's overtime touchdown catch to beat the Ravens and stave off a possible winless season.

Since becoming the owner of the Dolphins, Ross has endured a lot of bad publicity, from a "bully-gate" scandal to a tampering scandal that led to forfeitures of a first and third-round draft pick. This scandal also cost him the league-approved succession plan that would have put the team in the hands of Bruce Beal.

Ross has also made the Dolphins one of the most respected organizations in the NFL and last year, the NFLPA named them the No. 1 team on their annual player report cards. Safid Deen of USA Today wrote an article outlining the attempt to purchase the Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium, and the FS1 interest from Ross for $10 billion. Ross said thanks, but no thanks.

Stephen Ross wants his franchise to remain in his family

So, why did he turn down such a massive offer? He indeed wants to keep things in the family. Jennifer Ross is one of two biological children that Stephen Ross has. She seems to be more prominent as the Dolphins' owner's successor. He has two other stepchildren from an ending marriage.

The elder Ross had set up Beal to take over the team should he pass away and the league approved it. After the Tom Brady tampering claims by former head coach Brian Flores, the relationship between Ross and Beal ended and his daughter was named his successor.

Jennifer Ross does not carry the same wealth as her father, but she will inherit most or at least a huge portion of his wealth - enough to run the Dolphins. Once she becomes the majority owner, she will likely try to keep the team in her father's name, but who knows what the future has in store.

Fans looking for a logo change to the original uniform and logo can forget it. If Stephen Ross keeps his current logo until he leaves ownership, his daughter will not request a change to the franchise's origins. Instead, she will honor her father, is what we would guess.

Yes, $10 billion is a lot of money, and there are not enough billionaires in the world who can throw that kind of change around. Fans may want a new owner, but they should beware. We've seen other new owners come in and move organizations to new cities. Luckily for the Miami faithful, that's not going to be the case here.