Welcome to the "Prairie of Prax"


“One day, making tracks, In the prairie of Prax, Came a North-Going Zax And a South-Going Zax.”

And somewhere in the middle, stands Trent Green. Perhaps he is Dr. Seuss himself.

No short story could better describe the antics of these two GMs. It’s bordering on childish. On one side there is the “King” Carl Peterson of KC while on the other side is Randy Mueller of the Miami Dolphins. Both too stubborn to budge. Unless of course you consider KC asking for a 4th now instead of a 2nd and 7th, then I guess he budged…..a little….or a lot depending on what camp you fall into.

Miami still says they will only give up a 6. KC now says they will take a 4th. The number in between those two numbers is 5. My 3 year old son told me that. Perhaps someone should tell the two of them.

Now, we hear that Adam Schefter of NFL Total Access is saying that Green will report to the OTAs’ (organized team activities), next week for KC. Green, much like Steve McNair last year, will come in and risk being injured. In actuality, it is KC who is risking Trent getting injured. If he is, the entire 7.2 million dollar contract is accelerated immediately to this year. Maybe they pull a Tennessee and send him home.

Schefter doesn’t believe that will be the case. Instead, he thinks that Green will be soaking up the sun in South Florida by the 21st of May.

Green wants to be in Miami, KC wants a draft pick more than they want the QB, Miami wants the draft picks and the QB. It is going around and around and around.

You can commend Peterson for backing off the ludicrous 2nd and 7th round compensation picks and instead asking only for a 4th. You can also commend Randy Mueller for standing his ground and not offering anything more than what he deems to be a fair price. It is because we can commend them both that Trent is in this situation.

So once again we wait. What once was supposed to be days, then went to hours, instead turned to weeks, and now months. As Dr. Suess would say:

Then the North-Going Zax puffed his chest up with pride.
“I never,” he said, “take a step to one side.”

“And I’ll prove to YOU,” yelled the South-Going Zax,
“That I can stand here in the prairie of Prax”.