Yes, I could have chosen those hot ass half naked twins for this blog entry, but I figure..."/> Yes, I could have chosen those hot ass half naked twins for this blog entry, but I figure..."/> Yes, I could have chosen those hot ass half naked twins for this blog entry, but I figure..."/>

Double Header Dream And Then Some!


Yes, I could have chosen those hot ass half naked twins for this blog entry, but I figured if I’m asking you for your dream double header, what a better offer than a nightmare to go along with it…or maybe this is your dream?  Shhhhh, we won’t tell.  Word is though, that Bill Belichick is looking at at least 3 of them for a revamped line…the other one, I think the one in green, is supposedly the real NY woman he has been sneaking off to see…or so I have heard.  I think the one on the right I believe has already been cut, apparently she is pregnant, Tom, Tom, Tom. But i digress.

The folks over at Fan-Sided Blogs, FSB for short, posed this question to some of our network bloggers, “what would be your dream double header?”  The only caveat is that it has to be plausible…in other words, the Miami Dolphins can’t win the Super Bowl and then turnaround and play another game and win the Super Bowl again. 

Most of the bloggers on this network have done the ” ‘insert baseball team’ here wins the World Series and I travel down the highway to see ‘insert football team’ here win their game.  That’s creative isn’t it?

So I challenge you more.  What are you two dream double headers, within reality, that does not include your favorite baseball team winning the World Series?  Try hard not to copout and put in your favorite basketball team either.  Remember this is a challenge. Simply leave your comments below.

Here are some of the FSB blogger choices.

"Eric, Niner Noise:49ers v.s. Rams at 1:00 pm on a Sunday in October. At the end of the 49ers game I hop on a Muni line to the China Basin to catch game 7 of the World Series between the Giants and the Angels at AT&T Park. The 49ers win 42-41 on a last second Hail Mary touchdown throw from Alex Smith to Isaac Bruce. The Giants win the World Series with a walk-off home run from Aaron Rowand.John, Cat Crave:It’s a slightly crisp Sunday in October.  The Panthers are facing rival Tampa Bay at Bank of America Stadium.  By halftime, the Panthers are in total control leading 24-0.  Jon Gruden’s grimace grows more harsh with each turnover being forced by the relentless Panthers’ defense.  By the start of the third quarter, Gruden has been forced to put Chris Simms into the game and swallow his pride.  The Bucs get crushed by Carolina 38-0.The game is over by 4:00 because of the brutal assault of the Carolina running game draining the clock.  This leaves me plenty of time to make my 6:00 flight from Charlotte-Douglas Airport.  I land in Atlanta and grab a cab to Turner Field.  It’s Game Seven of the World Series versus the hated Yankees.  I arrive in my seat during the bottom of the first inning.Amazingly, John Smoltz has recovered and is starting.  He pitches a brilliant game into the seventh inning holding New York to only one hit.  Chipper Jones has homered twice and the Braves lead 2-0.  In comes Tom Glavine on only three days rest to close.  He is absolutely flawless closing the seventh with the final out and then through both the eighth and ninth innings.  The celebration will be on all night in Atlanta as we revel in both the World Series title and having vanquished the hated, Evil Empire!Kim, Predominantly Orange:It’s a Sunday afternoon in January, and I’m in Aspen at the final day of competition for the X Games. Sean White is in the perfectly groomed SuperPipe trying to top Danny Kass’s score of 92.4. White is throwing his second consecutive 900 right over my head. Before I know it, he’s got a gold medal around his neck and I’m running down the mountain trying to make it back to Denver for the Broncos-Patriots game that night. The AFC Wild-Card playoff game (hey, it’s possible the Pats could be a Wild-Card team!) is close and goes into overtime on a TD pass from Jay Cutler to Tony Scheffler. By this point snow is coming down so hard that the overtime coin has to be brushed off to show the players which side is heads and which side is tails. Pats win the toss, and on 2nd and 6, Elvis Dumervil forces the ball out of Brady’s hands. It’s recovered by John Lynch who takes it into the endzone for the score and the win.Sam, Naptown’s Finest:The 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four is going to be held in Indianapolis.  Short drive for me.  In the first game, Butler is playing with a senior-less roster and beats UConn.  In the second game, Notre Dame beats North Carolina easily, and Ben Hansbrough gets to rub it in the face of his brother.  Butler-ND championship game would be hell for me.  I’m a basketball season ticket holder for Butler and a football season ticket holder for Notre Dame.  My head would explode, but I know I would be estatic no matter who won."

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