Morning Notes


The following “Camp Notes” are from Palm Beach Post writer Ben Volin.

  • Chad Henne is the only one not here. John Beck and Josh McCown are getting a head start in the quarterback sweepstakes.
  • Joey Porter is wearing a jersey, but instead of practicing, he’s standing next to team trainer Kevin O’Neill. That right knee gave him trouble all last season, and we’ll have to find out if the injury is still lingering, or if Tony Sparano is easing him into the program.
  • Michael Lehan (ankle) isn’t practicing either, running sprints on the sideline. Those are the only two injuries thus far.
  • Ronnie Brown, however, looks great. He’s in full pads, wearing a sleeve over his right knee (torn ACL), and participating in all running back drills. He’s even planting and cutting.
  • Other injured players from last year who are participating fully in practice: Channing Crowder (knee), Yeremiah Bell (Achilles) and Renaldo Hill (ACL).
  • Parcells and Ireland are standing by themselves, watching over practice.
  • That’s it for now. Be back soon.

10:22 a.m.

  • The one unit that appears to have a clear First Team is the offensive line. You probably knew this already, but from left to right it is: Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Samson Satele, Trey Darilek and Vernon Carey.
  • A Dolphins PR rep tells me that practice is going until 11:45 today. A three-hour practice in this heat is nothing to joke about. By contrast, the Redskins go for about 90-100 minutes. Davie is going to start looking like Parris Island to some of these guys.
  • Someone should check Davone Bess’ hands for stick ‘em or super glue. The guy catches everything.
  • Team breaks out into 6-on-8 drills (it’s really 6-on-6, but they put two pass rushers in the quarterback’s face to simulate pocket pressure.
  • Ricky Williams looks impressive. He keeps welcoming contact, lowering his shoulder and running into defenders.
  • Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele appear to be the First Team inside linebackers, while Yeremiah Bell and Jason Allen are the safeties and Will Allen and Andre Goodman are at cornerback (no surprises there).
  • Anthony Fasano shows why the Dolphins were so high on him, making a great one-handed catch in traffic along the sideline.
  • Beck and McCown have each sailed a few throws. But it’s early.

Back in a bit.

11:11 (last update)

  • Sorry, got some bum information. Practice ended at 10:45, not 11:45, for a much more reasonable two-hour practice.
  • NT Jason Ferguson came off the field and into the practice bubble. Looked like a hydration thing. I can’t imagine being 305 pounds in this heat.
  • The day ended on a sour note for Josh McCown. In team drills, he kept missing short on his throws, about four or five times. He was also intercepted by Nathan Jones, the free agent cornerback from Dallas. Get here quickly, Chad Henne.
  • Sparano talks at 12:30. I’m wondering most about Joey Porter’s injury. Dolfans should hope it isn’t his knee acting up again.
  • Ronnie Brown looks jacked. His arms are the size of my thighs. Appears to be in much better shape than he did last year. And Ricky Williams seriously looks like a tank.
  • Player availability to the media won’t be coming until AFTER the second practice during two-a-days, sometime around 6:45 p.m. I was told it’s to give players plenty of time to hydrate and relax after practice. That’s fine and all … but the players looked plenty hydrated when they signed autographs for more than 30 minutes after practice.