Predicting The Miami Dolphins 53: The Qb’s and TE’s


The Dolphins are closing in on making their final 53 man roster final.  Last week we looked at the running backs, today we will take a quick look at the QB’s, TE’s, and WR’s.  NFL rosters cut down to 53 this approaching Saturday sending over 800 players to the free agent list.  So while the Dolphins will finalize their 53 this week, they won’t finalize their roster until later when they add and subtract from the free agents.

QB’s are the easiest to predict this year and the only real question comes down to whether the Dolphins try and put Pat Devlin on the practice squad or keep on the roster as the third quarterback.  In years past teams carried an emergency QB on their team, traditionally the third one.  Under the new CBA that there is no “emergency QB” and teams do not have to use the extra roster spot for the QB.

It’s safe to say that Chad Henne and Matt Moore are safe.  Behind them is where the question lies.  Kevin O’Connell is listed as the teams third string QB but it’s close between him and rookie Pat Devlin.  My prediction is that the Dolphins will release O’Connell in favor of the younger Devlin although they very well may try and stash him on the PS.

The Wr’s are almost as easy to predict as the QB’s.  Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, and Clyde Gates are all locks for the final 53.  That leaves what would likely be one spot open for Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace.  It’s safe to assume that the rest of the WR’s are gone.  Julius Pruitt, Patrick Carter, John Mathews, and yes, Phillip Livas.

Livas has an edge over the others in that he returns punts…unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be doing it well.  So maybe it evens out in the end.  The Dolphins are likely to carry five and maybe six but they need to decide on what they are going to do with either Moore or Wallace.  Both could stay but I think one needs to go.

When it comes to the TE’s, only Anthony Fasano is safe.  The rest are all question marks regardless of who is where on the depth chart and to be honest, I’m not quite so sure that any of them really have earned a spot on the team over a free agent or a TE that the team could get in trade.  Mickey Shuler may be the front runner here but his time with the Dolphins could be predicated on whether the team seeks another after Saturday’s cuts.  Jerod Mastrud, Dedrick Epps, and Brett Brackett are all projects that could end up on the practice squad…but not the final 53.