Let The Speculation Begin…


Let the Speculation begin…

Less than one week until the NFL draft, and there is something special in the air.  It’s beginning to look a lot like football season.  It’s almost here, and the anticipation will only grow stronger after the draft.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and think about that….at least not right now.  Let’s focus our attention with what we are going to do with the 8th overall pick.

Rumours are going to heat up, now and until Mr. Goodell walks to the podium and announces our pick, so why not create some buzz ourselves and think about how the following scenarios might plan out.  I already posted what I believe will happen if we stay as is,  in our Phinphantic Staff Mock draft.  Today we look at the possibility of Trading up in the draft.

Trading up in the draft:

Realistically knowing how Ireland loves his draft picks I have serious doubts that we would be making this move, however there might be another GM that pulls this trigger, how might this benefit the Dolphins, well let’s break this down.

Here is what we know:

Indy – Andrew Luck
Washington – RG III

That is pretty much set in stone, everything after that is up for grabs. We can assume the Vikings and Browns have a for sale sign on their draft picks.  If a team was targeting ‘the next  hype player’ which are Trent Richardson RB, or Ryan Tannehill QB, this where it might happen, why? Because the Browns let Peyton Hills walk this offseason and there is talk that Coly McCoy might be on a short list.  The next two top prospects are ironically a RB and QB.

So if another team values Richardson or Tannehill, this where we might see a trade.

If a team like Tampa that has an opening at RB, thinks Richardson would allow an extra defender to stay in the box, allowing VJax one on one coverage, you have to like the chances of them calling the Vikings.

Or are the rumors true that Philly wants to move up and take Tannehill.  Does Philly believe that they have the luxury of allowing Tannehill to sit and develop for 3 years behind Vick? This would be awfully familiar to what the Packers did with Rodger and we all know how that worked out.

We are going to conduct a mock for each possibility.

Scenario 1: Trade up for Richardson

Indy – Andrew Luck
Washington – RG III
Tampa – Trent Richardson
Cleveland – Ryan Tannehill
Minnesota –  Matt Kalil
St. Louis – Morris Claiborne
Jacksonville – Melvin Ingram
Miami – Justin Blackmon

Now this is just pure speculation.   But what we notice here is that Minny goes out protects their previous first round pick with a solid addition to their Oline.  Fisher can’t believe Claiborne is still on the board and makes a move for the CB in the draft, thereby allowing the top WR in the draft to fall to us, where we have a need since we traded away Marshall.

Scenario 2: Philly trade up

Indy – Andrew Luck
Washington – RG III
Philadelphia – Ryan Tannehill
Cleveland – Matt Kalil
Tampa – Trent Richardson
St. Louis – Justin Blackmon
Jacksonville – Melvin Ingram
Miami – Morris Claiborne

Speculation once again, but if this plans out, Cleveland gets a chance at the top Oline, Tampa still gets their RB, the Rams get Bradford a WR to play with, and we get the best CB in the draft.  Why is this important, Sean Smith is in the final year of his contract, and if he is serious about regaining his starting position this would be ideal. Healthy completion and if he fails, we have a back up plan not only for this year, but for next as well.  If Smith owns up we have a crazy Nickel back.  We could move Marshall to FS, and have a game changer.
Basically all I am trying to point out here, is that if other teams try and make a trade up, it will only benefit us.  We might not address the QB position, but in both scenarios we walk away with a true game changer…and isn’t that what we the fans expect from a top 10 pick?

Nonetheless, let the speculation begin….