Miami Dolphins By The Numbers: 44 – 48


Getting closer! To the start of the season that is. The Miami Dolphins will open training camp in two weeks and the off-season will disappear until 2015.  That also means that we are running out of time with our “Who wore it best?” polling. Well, not really. Technically we have until the first game but I wouldn’t ming getting this knocked out before the first pre-season contest how about you?

Today we have a few more numbers for you and we will start with the number 44.

Who wore it? Pete Jacquess 66-67, Dick Washington 68, Dean Brown 1970, Mike Howell in 72, Barry Hill 75-76, Charles Cornelius 77-78, Doug Beaudoin 1980, Paul Lankford 82-91, Bobby Humphrey 92, Aaron Carver 94, Rob Konrad 99-2004, Heath Evans 2005, Cameron Worrell in 2007 and today it’s worn by Jordan Kovacs.

In his career with the Dolphins that lasted six seasons, Konrad had 968 combined yards from scrimmage and six touchdowns. That’s not too bad for a fullback who was used primarily as a blocker. Lankford had 13 interceptions and three fumble recoveries in his ten seasons with the Dolphins. Who wore it best?

Number 45 has been worn by Mack Lamb from 67-68, Curtis Johnson from 70-78, Ed Taylor from 79-82, Robert Sowell from 83-85, Trell Hooper as a replacement in 87, Rodney Thomas 1988, Bobby Harden 90-93, Brian Walker 97-98 and 2000-2001, Lamont Brightful 2004, Reagan Mauia in 2007, and rookie Andrew Wilson currently has been assigned the number.

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No one wore this uniform better than Curtis Johnson. Johnson spent his entire NFL career, nine seasons, with the Dolphins. He was part of Super Bowl’s VI, VII and VIII. During those nine seasons he made 22 interceptions and recovered eight fumbles. The Dolphins secondary for most of the 70’s consisted of Johnson, Tim Foley, and the safety duo of Dick Anderson and Jake Scott.

Giving 45 to Johnson is an easy decision so let’s see how easy or difficult 46 might be.

Number 46.

Hal Wantland 66, Don Bessilleu 79-81, Pete Johnson 84, Mark Irvin a 1987 replacement player, Dave Moore in 92, and Boomer Grigsby in 2008.  Incoming rookie Tevin Mims wears it today. Not a huge bunch of names here and only one player wore the number more than one season and that was Don Bessilleu.  Considering no other players lasted for the team, we can move along to 47 and give 46 t Bessilleu. In his three seasons he was used only on special teams. He returned two punts and 47 kick-offs and averaged 21 yards per kick-return. His longest was 87 yards and was not for a touchdown.

Number 47.

This is going to be another one man contest here. John McGeever wore it in 1966 followed by Tom Beier in 67 and in 69, Ted Bachman in 76, Stefon Adams in 90, Darrell Malone from 92-94, Robert Edwards in 2002, Jeff Grau in 2003, and Courtney Bryan from 2007-2008. Chris McCain wears it today.

The name I left off however is Glenn Blackwood. His brother Lyle didn’t get the honor of wearing his number the best because of course Paul Warfield wore the same number,  but Glenn does where his the best. In fact Glenn could have beaten out many former Dolphins the honor.

Glenn spent nine seasons with the Dolphins and started 106 games. He recorded 29 interceptions and scored one touchdown.

Might as well give you number 48 too!

Bob Petrella 66-71, Henrey Stuckkey 72-74, Ken Ellis 76, Wade Bosarge 77, Gerald Small 78-83, Mike Iaquaniello 91, Jim Kitts 97-98, Kantroy Barber 1999, Brody Heffner-Liddiard 2000, and today Derrelle Johnson a rookie has been assigned the number.

At first glance it’s  hard to pass on Gerald Small in favor of any of the other players to have donned the 48 uniform. 23 interceptions and one returned for a touchdown in his six seasons with the Dolphins but for six seasons from 66-71, Bob Petrella helped build a fledging expansion team into a winner. Petrella had five interceptions in that period of time. While Petrella had a decent career in the early days of the Dolphins, he only appeared in 61 games starting only 13. Conversely, Small started 77 of the 104 contests he appeared in.  I think it’s safe to say that Gerald Small wore this one best.

We will finish the 40’s the next time! Enjoy your Sunday everyone!