Miami Dolphins 2015 Needs: Running Backs


Knowshon Moreno was supposed to be the featured back for the Miami Dolphins in 2015 but it was Lamar Miller who rushed for over 1,000 yards while Moreno spent all but one game and two series injured and on the sideline. Heading into 2015 the Dolphins will need to add another running back.

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Moreno and Daniel Thomas will both be free agents and it’s unlikely that Thomas will return although Moreno could on a one year reduced contract. Damien Williams played well enough to stay on the roster but he has not developed into a full time roll player yet and likely won’t anytime soon. With Moreno and Thomas possibly gone the Dolphins enter 2015 with only two running backs on the roster and they will not enter training camp like that. LaMichael James is also a free agent to be and it’s unknown if the Dolphins saw enough of him this season to warrant resigning him.

Free agent options exist and while running backs have recently seen a decline in pay and have fallen off teams initial free agent want lists there are still some names out there that could be a fit for the right price in Miami. Key words “the right price”.

Frank Gore is likely done in San Francisco and this South Florida native could look to finish his career at home. A bruising back on the wrong side of 30, Gore still has a year or two left in him and realizes that he is no longer the featured runner he once was. In Miami he would be a good fit behind Miller’s more electric play and could give the Dolphins a better short yardage and goal line option. Gore would also give the Dolphins time to build on Damien Williams season.

A younger piece may be a better fit and the Ravens could lose Justin Forsett. Forsett but Forsett is likely to be one of the few runners who receive attention in free agency which will drive the price up. Given the Dolphins current needs heading into the off-season it’s unlikely the Dolphins will want to throw a ton of money at a positional back-up.

Cowboys DeMarco Murray, 26 years old

Bills CJ Spiller, 27 years old

Saints Mark Ingram, 25 years old

Chargers Ryan Matthews, 27 years old

49ers Frank Gore, 31 years old

Dolphins Knowshon Moreno, 27 years old

Raiders Darren McFadden, 27 years old

Jets Bilal Powell, 26 years old

Falcons Jacquizz Rodgers, 24 years old

Patriots Stevan Ridley, 25 years old

Patriots Shane Vereen, 25 years old

Patriots Brandon Bolden, 24 years old (RFA)

Ravens Justin Forsett, 29 years old

Vikings Matt Asiata, 27 years old (RFA)

Cowboys Lance Dunbar, 24 years old (RFA)

Redskins Roy Helu, 25 years old

Falcons Antone Smith, 29 years old