Miami Dolphins’ Brent Grime’s Wife Miko Goes Off On NFL


When it comes to Miko Grimes you either love her or hate her and there is very little in between. One thing is for certain, she speaks her mind whether you like it or not. I have spoken with Miko on a couple of occasions and will say one thing, she is who she is and all she asks for is a modicum of respect. Not for herself or her husband but for their rights to have an opinion and their rights to share it. She is a dedicated family woman who sticks to her guns and sticks up for her husband. While she is brash at times, you can’t discount her pure dedication to the man she loves.

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Miko has taken to Twitter tonight to blast the NFL and the hotel she stayed at in Arizona, following her trip with Miami Dolphins cornerback, excuse me, Pro-Bowl cornerback, Brent Grimes.

"Finally!!! So happy to be leaving Phx! I hope the Pro Bowl is never there again, and i hope the Arizona Biltmore gets infested with rats and has to close down. #ThatIsAll #WorstHotelEverMiko Grimes @iHeartMiko · For those of u that dont know, i had emergency oral surgery on Thursday. My husband was concerned for me, so he asked coach Garrett if he could miss practice to be there for me bcuz i was stressed and in a lot of pain. Coach Garrett and and NFL exec excused him from practice to be there for me. Well… Apparently, the right hand of the @nfl didnt tell the left hand he wouldnt be there that day, so they yanked his paid appearances & are not happy with him. What kind of message does that send to the players? Do they think they are above family?Miko Grimes @iHeartMiko ·WTF was he supposed to do? Stay at a PRO BOWL practice while his wife is in pain that equates child birth? Was him missing a fan autographsession worthy of ****ting on him @nfl? Havent u guys **** on him enough? Him missing practice made u guys take the MVP from him?The nfl is the ****TIEST, SHADIEST, DISRESPECTFUL professional sport in the WORLD!!! & as long as i breathe air, i will talk **** about em!Why the hell cant u guys cut him a ****ing BREAK? @nfl do u see how hard he plays? Do u see the dedication? The toughness? U bitches blind?There is NO REASON ALL ALL why Brent Grimes shouldnt have been MVP of the defense!!! NONE!!!! Do u hear me??????U have these BULL**** ass NOMORE campaigns going on about domestic violence and sexual assault when we all know u dont GAF about women!Miko Grimes ‏@iHeartMiko 42s42 seconds agoI have friends that were beaten, thrown down stairs WHILE PREGNANT, guys arrested, & @nfl suspended them 1 ****ING GAME! Now yall care? FOHMiko Grimes @iHeartMiko ·Im contemplating naming SEVERAL players that the @nfl violated the concussion rules with players but that would take down ppl i care about.The @nfl only gives a **** about themselves! They dont care about these players and their families. Dont let these assholes fool u!GET THE **** OUTTA HERE @NFL!!!!! Im not being quiet about this bull**** NOMORE!!They asked helped it stay quiet bcuz its none of their business until Ray Rice clocked his now wife on camera. Then all of a sudden NOMORE?Miko Grimes @iHeartMiko ·If the @nfl cares about players, why are there TNF games? Have u guys ever thought about that ****?"

Thanks to Daytona Fin for taking the time to compile the shortlist of her tirade. It’s obvious that she is enraged right now and there is so much more on her Twitter feed. You can read them here.

This isn’t the first time that Miko has made some waves, during the season she was interviewed on the Big “O” show on WQAM and talked about the locker room division, well not in so many words. Regardless Miko won’t likely make too many friends in the NFL executive offices tonight.

As to her opinion that Brent should have been the defensive MVP I will say that I did think it was really really close and had he been able to pick off one of those three potential interceptions the voting may have swung his way but unfortunately J.J. Watt and his fumble recovery, interception, and tackle total beat him out. No worries Miko the Pro-Bowl has become a joke so despite the fact he didn’t win a car it’s just as well. No one ever remembers who won the Pro-Bowl let alone who won MVP…and I really don’t there are that many that truly care.