Miami Dolphins Mike Wallace Wants Out?


The Miami Dolphins merry-go-round with Mike Wallace is taking yet another turn, sort of. At least if you believe what some players are telling Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. According to Jackson some players have the impression that Wallace wants out of Miami.

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It’s not too hard to realize that this is likely true. Wallace can say what he wants to say but he doesn’t like the system or the fact that he isn’t seeing the deep ball accurately thrown his way. Wallace came to Miami with the belief that he would open up the offense but so far in two seasons he has seen his work come in the 15-20 yard range or hooks and curls. His targets are still high but Wallace is having to fight for catches far more than he did in Pittsburgh.

The Dolphins have been very coy about Wallace’s future since the season ended with his 2nd half benching in a loss at home to the New York Jets. It’s hard to discount the news that he wants out.

In an article posted by Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel, it’s an article behind the sites pay wall, Wallace said that he has a hard time with this system because it’s not what he thought it was but he finds it difficult to complain about because it is somewhat successful. His words may sound like he is approving of the system but in reality it confirms that it doesn’t fit with his style of play. The deep route where he can simply use his speed to outrun coverage.

If the Dolphins opt to release Wallace it will create a hole on the outside and leave the Dolphins again without a number one wide-receiver. If they opt to keep him it would only be a matter of time before his lack of use to the extent he wants to be involved boils over.