Super Bowl 2015: How Will Katy Perry Stack Up?

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The NFL Super Bowl is about far more than the game. It’s about commercialism, sell throughs, self promotion, a media week, and of course half-time shows. This year the NFL has turned the half time show over the energetic and provocative Katy Perry and from here my biased opinion may take over. I love Katy Perry.

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While I may love Perry’s music I’m not so biased when it comes to what is expected for a Super Bowl half-time show and frankly that ceiling is pretty high to reach. Performers need to be very good and at the same time tasteful. Millions of people watch the Super Bowl and let’s face it your spouse (normally your wife) lifts her head to watch the halftime show if nothing else.

Unlike some of the more recent Super Bowl halftime shows there is little chance of Perry becoming censored. No nip slips or middle fingers, no swearing, or F-bombs. While some of her music can be a little more on the adult side she has a large following of teen and tween girls so she isn’t likely to rock the boat of their parents.

So how will Perry stack up against previous performers? We won’t know that until the third quarter starts but here is a look at the previous 10 performers on the big yet small stage and how Perry might stack up…or rather ROAR!


Bruno Mars & Red Hot Chili Peppers

When I first heard that Mars was going to headline the Super Bowl halftime show I have to admit I yawned rather loudly. Mars is a popular artist but he is more of niche’ than a mainstream guy and at the time his popularity had yet to really skyrocket. The addition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was supposed to infuse some rock into the show but the Peppers only did one song, “Give it away” and they were forced to use pre-recorded tracks. The Peppers deliberately used their instruments without being plugged in out of protest.

Overall the show wasn’t nearly as boring as I had originally thought. Mars held up well and he was able to continue a high dance style energy throughout the show up until his final “Just the way you are” finale’. Mars impressed me with his latin infused music but it didn’t leave me wanting to go out and buy his music.

Katy Perry

Perry’s high energy shows should easily rival Mars’ energy from last year but Perry has a far more mainstream audience and her music is more popular in a wider demographic. Still Perry’s music can sometimes border on teen girl styles and if she breaks into those woman power songs she could lose some of her male audience…oh wait, it Katy Perry and she attracts the male audience easily enough regardless of what she sings. The bigger issue with Perry is that she can sometimes get winded from all the jumping around she does so she needs to slow her own movements down concentrate on the performance and energy without getting too overworked vocally.

Who’s show will be better?

I will give this nod to Perry simply because she has a wider stage show and is more popular which will be more appealing to a larger audience. In other words, more people will be able to sing along to Perry’s music than that of Bruno Mars.