Miami Dolphins Lack Hall Of Fame Locks


The NFL will announce sometime this evening the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees. There will not be a Miami Dolphin among them. The last Dolphins player to get inducted was Dan Marino and that seems like forever.

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Each year we watch as players from teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers come up on the ballot but not the Dolphins. We are in that late 80’s to late 90’s group and frankly the Dolphins haven’t had much to work with. Is there a former Miami Dolphins player that could get elected into the Hall of Fame?

The argument of which Miami Dolphins player belongs in the Hall of Fame is a long one, long as in it’s been argued for a long time. The Dolphins were the first team to ever go to three consecutive modern era Super Bowls and the second team to win back to back championship titles. Yet they are not well represented in the Hall of Fame. Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, Jim Langer, Nick Buoniconti, and Larry Little are all in the HOF as is Paul Warfield. Don Shula is in for his entire career.

The one name that seems to jump out of those early 70’s teams and those early 80’s teams is offensive lineman Bob Kuechenberg but Kuch is not likely going to get in anytime soon. Kuch would need a senior committee nomination after failing to get in by majority vote. The problem with Kuechenberg is the fact that he has been too outspoken and viewed as a bitter old man. While the NFL allows all sorts of criminal backgrounds into the hall apparently being outspoken and grumpy to the media isn’t a smart move.

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Moving on from Kuch you have to jump to Jason Taylor who will be eligible in 2017. Taylor has a better than no chance of getting in but it’s not likely that he will be a first or even a second ballot Hall of Famer. While he has the stats to back up a tremendous career, he will be going in at a time when other pass rushing defensive ends become eligible as well.

Taylor is ranked 6th all time in sacks with 139.5. Last year Kevin Greene who has 160 career stats was not elected to the HOF. Taylor was also a six time Pro-Bowler and three time first team all-pro. Working in his favor is the fact that he is well regarded by the media who votes as well as considered a very  upstanding professional. Taylor will likely get into the HOF but it’s unclear if he will make it in year one of eligibility.

Zach Thomas is another former Dolphin who could get some talk. Already eligible for the hall, Thomas has made the initial list but has not made it to the second round list. Thomas’ career with the Dolphins was an amazing one but again, his numbers may not add up with the stats that are actually kept…officially. Thomas had 1100 tackles in his career but the NFL doesn’t “officially” keep that stat as part of it’s records and tackles themselves weren’t kept for decades making a comparison more difficult. There is no doubting Thomas’ career as one that should be considered for HOF consideration but the question really is will he have enough in the eyes of those making the decision to get him in?

The list ends here. There simply are no former Miami Dolphins on the HOF radar dating later than 1990. Currently on the roster there are no players that have the longevity and statistical needs to reach that pinnacle. While the team is still young at many positions it will be a long time before we see the fruits of their labor translate to Hall of Fame status. In fact, it’s difficult to see most of the players since the 2000’s become eligible for the teams own Ring of Honor.

While it’s likely that someone is often overlooked, and that could be the case here, who do you think is HOF worthy who will be eligible for the Dolphins…minus your “gut” feelings of today’s roster.

(note: the list above is in regards to players who played the majority of their career with the Dolphins)