Dolphins Brent Grimes INT 4th Best Play Of Year?


After watching parts of the NFL Honors last night, I opted to turn the television off when they announced that Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes’ one handed interception was the 4th best play of the season. I knew immediately that it was a sham. Period.

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The 5th best play of the year was the fake out punt return by the St. Louis Rams. That was a fitting place for a trick play. Brent Grimes however went high for a small guy and like Odhell Becham, Jr. arched his back in the front right corner of the end zone to take the ball away. A pass that likely would have been a Detroit Lions touchdown.

What followed after that 4th ranked finish I couldn’t tell you. I can tell you that Becham, Jr’s one handed grab for a touchdown received the best play of the year award. Which is fine, it was a great jaw dropping catch. The fact that Becham was interfered with makes it more amazing but only marginally better than what Grimes had. So why would Grimes who basically did the EXACT SAME THING not at least get the 2nd best play of the year?

Oh the world will never know but it is a sham. You can’t have two plays that almost parallel each other not get the same due. Of course he didn’t and his wife Miko let us know that they weren’t even invited to the party.

She followed that up with yet another slight dig at the process.

The Dolphins cornerback is reserved and quiet while Miko speaks her mind. On this I do agree with though. The play of Grimes was grossly overlooked here. There is no reason for it to be 4th best of the year and I really don’t need to see the number two and three to know it should have been at least number two…oh and for what it’s worth…Grimes did it first.