Super Bowl History By The Numbers


We wait for Super Bowl XLIX to create a history of it’s own, there is a rich history currently in place. The NFL’s top game has seen it’s share of amazing games and more than enough blowouts. Tonights game doesn’t lend itself to being a blowout but that was exactly what they said about last years game that pitted the Seattle Seahawks defense against the high potent attack of the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning.

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Will this game be one of the lowest scoring games in Super Bowl history? It’s not likely to be one of the highest. The game could even become the most watched NFL Super Bowl in history. So speaking of history let’s look at Super Bowl history by the numbers with some tie ins to the Miami Dolphins.

1: The number of players from the losing team who won the games MVP. Super Bowl V. Dallas Cowboys Chuck Howley. The game was played in the Orange Bowl.

2:  The number of Super Bowl MVP’s from one game. In Super Bowl XII Dallas Cowboys Randy White and Harvey Martin won co-MVP.

3: The lowest number of points scored in a Super Bowl. Super Bowl VI. The Miami Dolphins scored only three points in their first appearance but it was the catalyst to launch the drive for perfection a year later.

4: The number of teams never to have appeared in a Super Bowl. Cleveland, Jacksonville, Detroit, and Houston. Houston is the only team in the NFL that the Miami Dolphins have never beaten.

5: The number of touchdown passes thrown by Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams in Super Bowl XXII. It’s also the number of Super Bowl losses by the Denver Broncos and should New England lost tonight, the number of losses they have in eight attempts.

6: The number of completions by Miami Dolphins QB in Super Bowl VIII. The total is the lowest in NFL history. The Dolphins won the game on the ground. Griese also had only one incomplete pass on the day as well.

7: The number of running backs to receive the MVP award. Larry Csonka was the first.

8: The number of games Bill Belichick has coached the Super Bowl in. He coached two with the New York Giants as an assistant to Bill Parcells.

9: The number of Super Bowls that Dan Reeves participated in. He played in three games with the Cowboys, coached in three others as a Cowboys assistant under Tom Landry, and the coached four himself as the head coach of Denver and Atlanta. It is the NFL record.

10: The number of defensive and special teams Super Bowl MVP’s

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11: Super Bowl V is known as the Blunder Bowl. Dallas and the then Baltimore Colts combined for 11 total turnovers. Five fumbles and six interceptions.

12: The number of quarterbacks in league history to start in more than one Super Bowl.  Bob Griese, Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway, Jim Kelly, Troy Aikman, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning.

13: The number of receptions by Denver’s Demaryius Thomas in SB XLVIII which is a Super Bowl record.

14: The number of points the Miami Dolphins scored to beat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII as they completed a perfect season, they played 14 regular season games and three post-season games including the Super Bowl.

15: San Francisco and Dallas are tied with 15 total scores in one Super Bowl.

16: The number of points scored by Pittsburgh for their first Super Bowl victory. It was against the Minnesota Vikings. At half-time the game was 2-0 in favor of Pittsburgh.

17: The number of tackles made by Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Manny Fernandez in Super Bowl VII. He would not win the games MVP award. He currently holds the record for most tackles in one Super Bowl game.

18: The number of cities to host a Super Bowl

19: The number of different teams to win a Super Bowl

20: The size in inches of the Lombardi Trophy. It’s actually 20.75 inches tall.

Miscellaneous facts:

No game has gone to overtime.

The coin toss has landed 24 times on heads and 24 times on tails.

No head coach has led two different teams to the Super Bowl win.

No quarterback has led two different teams to a Super Bowl win.

Super Bowls have been Roman Numerals since Super Bowl V. The first four were added after the games. Next years Super Bowl, Super Bowl “L” will not use the Roman Number “L” but instead will go simply by 50.

The last team to win back to back Super Bowls was the New England Patriots in 2004 and 2005. A win tonight by Seattle will give them back-to-back wins.