Katy Perry Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Roared!


Super Bowl XLIX provided a lot of water cooler talk and the halftime show with Katy Perry did as well. It will go down as one of the better halftime shows in recent years for sure. Perry lived up to her hype by taking center stage of or a world wide stage and delivering a show that will be hard to beat.

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O.k. the entrance to the stage was a little corny riding atop a giant gold lion as she belted the song “Roar” but it was an entrance that had never been seen before, as she promised. Perry stuck to her style of show and didn’t waver from that as we have seen other artists do in the past. She played her gig and it was easily clear the crowd at the stadium was very much into the energy she was providing. One writer called it a “soft served sexiness”.

At one point, as she began the song California Girls, she yelled for the crowd to sing the next line and they did without missing a beat. Which brings us to another kind of miss…Missy Elliot. I wasn’t sure if Missy Elliot’s participation in the show would be good for Perry as they have differing styles of music but they came together perfectly and the increased energy in Elliots songs with Perry ramped up an already high-energy show. Earlier Lenny Kravits joined Perry on stage to duet “I Kissed a Girl”.

While Perry did very well on stage alone the stage itself was incredible and I wished we as a television audience could have seen more of it from above. Using similar effects that the Chinese used to open their Olympic ceremonies the stage moved, twisted, swirled, slanted, rose, and fell without actually moving at all. In fact the show felt like an Olympic opening.

To finish off her show Perry sang “Fireworks” as fireworks blasted around her and above her as she became suspended in the air on what looked like a kite of some sort. It moved her around the bowl as she wrapped up her performance with a yell of “God Bless America”.

Perry won’t go down in the annals of great performances like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, or The Who but her show was tasteful, energetic, and fun…a lot of FUN. I can’t truly remember the shows from the last eight or so years but I will likely remember this one as I wonder if next years performer will be able to top what Perry did.  Of course, I am a pretty big Perry fan but I will say I spent most of the performance looking to “bite my tongue, and hold my breath” for something to complain about, I couldn’t find anything.  O.k. that was REALLY cheesy.