Top 10 Reason I’m Sad That Super Bowl XLIX Is Over


Super Bowl XLIX is over and it’s sad. We move on to free agency which is exciting but hey, that’s still a month away. Topics will not necessarily come to a crawl but it’s going to get a little more tedious. Hey, that’s a good thing. I mean I get to write more articles for “Johnny” to complain about.  Big smile as I do appreciate him taking his time to comment…so this is not a knock but a shoutout!

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So why is it sad? Well here is a list of ten reasons I am sad that the Super Bowl is over.

10:  We have to listen to Patriot fans for another seven months about how great their


team is.

9: We don’t have the Super Bowl to look forward to which means we have to realize the truth. Seattle coaching is stupid and the Patriots when they are not


are lucky.

8: We have to see more clips of Tom Brady being paraded around ESPN and every other freaking sports network…ahem, FanSided…I don’t need any more “Tom Brady…” notification pop-ups on my computer thank you. (I can say that because well, WE ARE FANSIDED! and I live and breath the YETI!)

7: I have to actually come back to earth and realize that Joe Philbin will have a say in both free agency and the draft. Yeah, and Bill Belichick just won another Super Bowl.

6: With no media to harass the Patriots, there is no one to actually ask about Deflate-Gate…how deflating.

5: I have to start paying attention to small college schools again as Dennis Hickey seems to love them.

4: The end of the Super Bowl mean more NBA coverage on ESPN and I HATE BASKETBALL

3: I have to start trolling for off-season topics, which usually means I’m drawing a blank stare at my computer but have to explain to my own forum why I’m not taking their ideas. (Might be because SouthBeach posts his topics on both forums at the same time…same topic headline too).

2: The realization that I have only five months to get my 400 page preview guide finished in time for training camp comes to the front of my brain…and my shoulders sag. I should invest in coffee and monster drinks.

1: I have no more excuses to write about, post pictures of, or openly talk about my infatuation with Katy Perry. Alas, my wife is very happy.

HAPPY OFF-SEASON everyone…remember we do NOT take the summer off so keep with us as we try and keep you up to date with all the latest news, transactions, and opinions for whatever they are worth…and to all you “comment editors” I will do my best to keep my grammar mistakes to a minimum…of course if I don’t it will give you something to do this off-season as well!

Thanks to all of you for a great 2014 season and being a reader of this site. Seriously, like us or not it’s because of you that we do it and have been for what, 8 or 9 years now? More is still to come!

Please note: this is not intended to offend anyone but is simply a tongue and cheek article for fun.