Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Silent After Stunning Loss


For someone who sure likes to tell the world how talented and how good he is at his sport, Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman sure was silent after Sunday’s heartbreaker to the New England Patriots.

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There is absolutely no denying that Sherman is one of the league’s best corners, and has worked extremely hard to be at the level he enjoys.  I am not denying that.  But for him to run his mouth as frequently as he has and for him to be so obnoxiously in-your-face cocky is ridiculous.  Is he the best cornerback in the entire league?  I think not, but that is an entirely separate article for an entirely different time.

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  • The point is, Sherman does not just do his talking on the field.  He feels the need to promote himself 24/7, whether it is by putting down the other players at his position verbally, taunting opposing quarterbacks after beating them, or simply just stating how great he is.  There is a difference between confidence and arrogance.  The best athletes that are undoubtedly the best at their sports and or positions do not have to tell everyone how good they are, nor do they have to boost their own egos consistently.  Everyone knows they are the best simply by watching them play.  Guys like Derek Jeter, Magic Johnson, Hank Aaron and yes even Tom Brady prove they are the best without every saying a single word about it.

    Seattle’s last second loss served Sherman a piping hot plate of karma.  The look of complete shock on Sherman’s face was priceless, and was almost worth watching New England take their dynasty to the next level.


    The only way that moment could have been more perfect was if Darrelle Revis had made the game-saving interception.  If only.  I would have loved to have seen Sherman’s face then.

    Oh well.

    How do you feel about the way Richard Sherman presents himself?  Is he too cocky?  Or is it just his mantra, his way of getting fired up?

    Feel free to weigh in and comment below.