Miami Dolphins Adding Living Rooms To Stadium


The Miami Dolphins want you to feel as though you are at home at Sun-Life Stadium. But bringing your home to the stadium will be costly. The Dolphins will add 32 luxury seats to the lower level as part of the renovations to the stadium. These seats will be sold in “pods” with four 30″ luxury reclining seats in each pod.

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The sections will be located on the south side of the stadium in the lower bowl around the 30 yard line. This is believed to be the same seating sections we discussed previously about stadium upgrades with a little more information about them.

In addition to the comfortable seating, fans who buy the sections for the year can opt to purchase four 24″ televisions for $30,000.00 more or use a 32″ television that comes with the package. The price includes food and drinks and private entrances along with a lounge area. In addition to the RedZone channel on the televisions each chair comes with an iPad as well.

The Dolphins will also be raising some ticket prices around the stadium up to about $5.00 however most tickets will remain the same and some upper level tickets are expected to drop a bit.

The battle between the in-stadium experience and watching a game at home just got more intense.

“We’re out to give a fan the very best seat and the very best experience they could possibly have,” said Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel. “There are enough people in this marketplace that, if you can do that, [you] don’t care what it costs.”

The Dolphins are currently in the first full off-season of stadium renovations.

"“You’ll have a comfortable chair, the replays in front of you, RedZone on,” Garfinkel said. “You’ll have a mini garbage to throw things out, you’ll have a drawer with a lock to put your valuables in, you’ll have concierge service so you don’t have to get up to get anything, and you’ll have the game in front of you.” Garfinkel said via ESPN."

The Dolphins are looking at options to make back some of the renovations money without putting the burden on the majority of fans. The Dolphins have long been resisting the sale of PSL’s (personal seating licenses). Last season the stadium was capable of holding 75,000 fans but rarely sold out. After the renovations are complete the max capacity in the stadium will be 65,000.