Miami Dolphins Chris McCain Domestic Violence Comparison


When it comes to sports players playing with Twitter, it might be better left to the players wives instead. Miami Dolphins Chris McCain may want to think a little more ahead in the future before option to put his thoughts out for the world, or at least his 2,767 followers. Which by the way is about 2,760 more than follow me.

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McCain made the mistake of speaking his mind late last night and while it’s far from a tirade, because it’s not, his comments have drawn a bit of criticism and kind of makes him look like a wimp.

So McCain is comparing beating the crap out of a women or child to getting berated on the football field by a coach. He later calls it dehumanizing. I haven’t played football since high-school which was, well, a very long time ago but I still can remember the verbal abuse we took back then and frankly, you grew up pretty quickly. It’s a game, it’s a business, and players get paid a lot. I, as would many others, take a league minimum salary in the NFL for six months of verbal abuse every now and then.  Especially if I knew that it would stop if I actually did my job.

Some of the responses to McCain were pretty good.

And what has to be the best of the replies.

I understand where Chris is coming from to an extent. Some coaching abuse can go beyond the borders of acceptability but comparing it to domestic violence is a little bit much. If it were physical it might be closer to that statement but it’s not. Football is an emotional game and coaches like players have their jobs under the microscope every game and let’s face it, some coaches yell and other coaches would rather have you tie your shoes.

McCain has a lot of promise in the NFL and the Dolphins could be the beneficiary of his athleticism in the future. McCain doesn’t make reference to anyone specific and says that his comments were not intended that way but the comparison is a little much, once again. Had he thought this through, he could have suggested the fines the league hands down on players for unsportsmanlike conduct during the games is comparable to a coaches over the top degrading style. That would have made more sense.