Buffalo Bills Trade For Matt Cassel


The Buffalo Bills are making Rex Ryan size waves. First they made a trade for LeSean McCoy and now it is being reported that they have traded with the Minnesota Vikings for quarterback Matt Cassel.

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The trade, like their previous trade, will not become finalized until Tuesday afternoon, March 10th when free agency begins coinciding with the start of the NFL’s league new year. Cassel was obtained for an undisclosed draft pick that is expected to be from the 3rd day of the draft. The latest rumor on the compensation has Buffalo sending a 5th rounder to the Vikings along with a 7th rounder for Cassel and a Vikings 6th round pick.

Cassell was to be the Vikings starter last season but went down early in the season forcing the Vikings to go with rookie Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater performed well enough to make Cassel expendable. In Buffalo he will compete with E.J. Manuel for the starting job. A job he should win. While the trade is good for the Bills Cassel isn’t exactly a franchise quarterback and the Bills will still need to find a suitable signal caller at some point. He is or should be at least better than Manuel.

The Bills are hoping to get the right pieces together to challenge for the AFC East something that new head coach Rex Ryan has said will be the case. Of course we all know that Ryan tends to blow a lot louder than his team bites. At least over the last few years in New York.

Cassel is entering his 11th season in the NFL starting his first four seasons with the New England Patriots. In 2008 Cassel started most of the season after Tom Brady went down with a knee injury. While he led the team to 11 wins the Patriots lost the division to the Miami Dolphins. He was then traded to the Kansas City Chiefs where he played another four seasons before joining the Vikings two seasons ago.