Miami Dolphins Can Start Suh Negotiations Tomorrow


If the buzz around the internet is true, the Miami Dolphins can officially begin talking to Ndomukong Suh at noon tomorrow. Saturday that is. For the better part of a week and a half Suh has been the hot topic in South Florida and the rumored interest of the Miami Dolphins has fans both excited and worried.

There is no question that Ndomukong Suh is the best defensive lineman to hit free agency in as long as I can remember. He is on the level of Reggie White. A game breaking game changing defensive player who elevates everyone around him simply by making their job easier. For all the accolades you can throw his way or the thought of what he could bring to Miami to get excited over there is a price tag that will be out of this world.

That has fans worried.

Suh doesn’t throw the football but he wants to be paid like he does. Assuming that Miami is indeed interested and “all in” as many believe the bank is about to get a huge chunk transferred to the Suh household account. An amount that is being predicted to be the largest non-quarterback salary in league history.

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Simply put there are too many thoughts on the monetary subject to link to them all. It seems everyone has them and everyone is consistent with one thing. It’s going to be big. Bigger than the J.J. Watt contract of $100 million. The average belief is a contract that will run over six years and land in the $101 million dollar range. That figure isn’t that hard to swallow but the guaranteed money is. Rumors place the asking price in the neighborhood of $50 million guaranteed with $30 million coming in the first two or three seasons.

The figures clearly are astounding and what has fans worried is how much of that money will actually buy a championship? Consider that the Dolphins, for that price, could sign two linebackers, a cornerback, a safety, and still have money to fix the offensive line. Once that sets in completely you can then ask yourself if any of those other players would have the impact on the team that Suh potentially could.

While the numbers are high consider that with Suh you suddenly have someone to build your entire defense around. Someone who you can draft around. A cornerstone that could last a lot longer than six seasons in Miami. It’s the kind of signing that says the Miami Dolphins want to make a move that they are tired of missing the post-season.

It’s a bold signing if it is done and not the end of the world if it’s not. Regardless, starting tomorrow it will get a lot more interesting.