Miami Dolphins Will Eventually Have Money Problems


The best teams in the NFL have great talent but don’t always overspend on them. The Miami Dolphins will have some money problems sooner rather than later. Spending money is fun especially when you have it to spend but at some point you are going to have to eat the losses.

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Last year the Dolphins spent heavily on Branden Albert giving him a contract over $49 million. Mike Wallace two years ago watched his hand ink a deal over $60 million. Granted contracts these days don’t always come with an actual tag that is what we read about but guaranteed money still has to be accounted for somewhere.

In addition to Albert and Wallace, who will likely leave after the 2015 season if he doesn’t exit this year, the Dolphins will need to award Ryan Tannehill a big contract, Mike Pouncey a big contract, Olivier Vernon will ask for more as well. Now they are talking Ndamukong Suh who could very well break that bank wide open.

Teams always seem to find a way to make players fit under a slow rising salary cap but eventually you have to pay and for the Dolphins that window will be closing in the next few years when back-end contracts become due. It’s the main reason that Miami needs to hit on their draft picks. There is no more time to draft small school projects or mid-round tweeners. The Dolphins need to find starters that can impact the team sooner rather than later. They don’t have to be great but they have to be able to make plays.

Could this be a product of coaching? It’s possible but we will not know that until either A: they get better coaches or B: they get better players. Seems they are spending the money to get the latter.

With free agency set to start on Tuesday and negotiations set to start tomorrow, we could be looking at another spree in spending. Lets just hope that Miami is creative enough to secure their future as well as their present.