Miami Dolphins Offered Randall Cobb Contract?


The Miami Dolphins were able to start negotiating deals on Saturday and various reports said that the Miami Dolphins offered Green Bay Packer wide-receiver Randall Cobb a contract in the 4 year $48 million range. If that is true there are a lot of questions this Sunday morning.

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Cobb accepted a similar deal to stay in Green Bay this morning but the thought of Miami jumping in quickly to try and lure the receiver to Miami is interesting. For starters, is the interest in Ndamukong Suh legit? The Dolphins will have to throw more money at Suh obviously so it begs the next question, where are they getting the money from? Well, Dawn Aponte is actually very good and playing with the figures so the real question is how will these deals be structured?

Assuming that the rumor of the offer is true and there are a lot of reasons to believe that it wasn’t but could be (waffling here), the Dolphins could be financially positioned to land another top free agent outside of Suh. If receiver in free agency is a target then could that swing to safety if Devin McCourty hits free agency on Tuesday? Could that swing to cornerback or linebacker? How much of “all in” is “all in” this year for the Dolphins and if receiver is a target what would that have done for Mike Wallace’s position on the team?

So many questions and so few answers. Some will be cleared up on Tuesday and the days after when the NFL starts their league new year. It was reported yesterday that safety Da’Norris Searcy’s agent received a call of interest from the Dolphins on Saturday as well. The soon to be former Buffalo Bill had a very good season in 2014.

What is known at this time? Nothing. Everything is conjecture, everything is rumor, everything is someone trying to piece together what makes sense from a bunch of news pieces that make no sense. This is such a fun time of year to be a fan of NFL football!