Miami Dolphins Buying More Than Ndamukong Suh


The Miami Dolphins are buying one of the best defensive lineman in NFL history, Ndamukong Suh. That is unless between now and Tuesday night something falls completely apart. It’s going to be costly but then again who cares, it’s not our money. A lot has been made about the money the Dolphins are spending but guess what, it’s no one else’s either.

There are as many detractors in the media regarding the rumored salary of Suh. Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take said it sends a bad message, that he isn’t a quarterback. That no defensive lineman deserves that kind of over the 100 million mark contract and then pointed to J.J. Watt as the exception given the fact he is an edge rusher. He isn’t alone. Many are critical of the Dolphins major move.

The reality is simple. Whether it was the Miami Dolphins or someone else, someone was going to pay Suh the contract he is about to get. Or close to it. So while the checkbook is apparently open what exactly are the Dolphins getting with Ndamukong Suh. Attitude? Toughness? A mean streak? Yes, yes, and yes…and also a playmaker.

There is so much more than just his attitude and play making ability however. There are a few things that should probably be taken into consideration here.

Cameron Wake – Ndamukong Suh will probably extend Wakes career in Miami and possibly the NFL. Over 30 Wake has been held, battered, beaten, and double teamed as an edge rusher and still manages to make it to the quarterback. How will Wake fare when opposing offenses have to double team Suh next to Wake? It very well could become a nightmare.

Olivier Vernon – He wants more money and the Dolphins very well may have to pay him if after 2015 he benefits from opposing teams concentrating on the opposite side of the line. Do you pair Wake and Suh or Suh and Vernon? Can you swap along the interior to beat the best match-up? If you can who covers who? Who doubles up on Wake and Suh while ignoring Vernon who has proven to be a good edge rusher at times?

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Linebakers – The Dolphins were one of the poorest teams in the NFL last year at stopping the run but Suh brings attention to that issue as he is very good at stopping the run and again the fact opposing teams will need to double down on Suh will leave another defensive tackle and the linebacker free to attack at the line of scrimmage without having a guard or tackle in their face downfield.

Brent Grimes – Grimes has been able to hold his own at a Pro-Bowl level since his arrival…sorry Miko but the addition of your Suh makes your husband better. With Grimes easily confident to eliminate one receiving threat the addition of Suh’s pass rush means less time to throw and thus plays more into the game of Grimes who is one of the best read and react corners in the NFL. Now errant throws under pressure and hurried throws will allow Grimes to make quicker moves on those balls. It should equal more points.

The other CB – Suddenly the need for a better than average corner isn’t so necessary now opposite Grimes. As is the case with Grimes the field is shortened in the secondary. A great pass rush will move quarterbacks out of the pocket and force them to deliver the ball on Miami’s terms and not their own. The Dolphins defense was good last year, they could be great this year.

Safety – how long has it been since you have seen the Dolphins have a free roaming safety without the need for roll-up coverage or deep coverage? It’s been awhile. Now how long has it been since both safeties have been able to do that? The pressure that Suh can bring or free up for other players again forces changes to opposing offenses but a good defensive coordinator should also realize that his secondary can benefit as well. Reshad Jones and whomever plays next to him can concentrate on run support, on the tight end a little more, without the need to play too deeply to be ineffective.

The offensive line – Miami has question marks at the guard position but this training camp the Dolphins interior lineman are going to get a big handful of Suh on a daily basis. We would like to think that will be a positive.

Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill won’t benefit directly but if the defense can play to the potential that Suh brings, there is no reason to believe that Miami can’t have a few more series during and average game or get better field position to start his series. More importantly winning changes attitude. If the Dolphins defense is winning the battles consistently the Dolphins offense will step up to that level and hold their own as well.

Suh is nothing short of a game changer. There is risk no doubt and the Dolphins have swung three consecutive seasons. In 2013 Mike Wallace has been a wash, in 2014 Branden Albert ended the season on IR, he is a push. Now it appears in 2015 the Dolphins land the best free agent in the NFL. Can Suh swing that scale to the favorable side? For all the reasons above, yes he should.